I’m Troubled That My Fiance’s A Villain – Main Story – Episode 03

“And? How ever did you charm my brother?”


Charm, you say…”

She just said something remarkable.

After the shock of meeting Katerina at the entrance, she dragged me to her own room as I told her how I wanted to greet the Duke, his wife, and Bernhardt, and had me sit beside her, as if to say she won’t let me escape. Having been separated from Tia, my cold sweat wouldn’t stop because I would be talking to Katerina alone.

I don’t get why these siblings never stop to listen to what others are saying, all the more sitting beside others.

Is it in their blood? Wait, that sounds stupid.

“Rather, that’s what it looks like! That absentminded, uninterested brother of mine suddenly wanted to get engaged.”

Smack, smack.

“I-I see. I’m also lost as to why Bernhardt-sama wanted an engagement with me of all people.”

“Come on! Please stop pretending!”


“As I said, I’m not pretending– Katerina-sama, could you please stop hitting my arm with your fan!?”

The noise from her fan hitting my arm has been echoing for quite some time now; seems Katerina’s the type to hit the other person with her fan whenever she gets excited. It’s not like it really hurts, but when I unconsciously complained since I was getting hit in the same place, I quickly paled the next instant.

C-crap! I immediately apologized to Katerina.

“Oh my, I beg your pardon. For unconsciously hitting your arm.”

Katerina honestly and unexpectedly apologized with such unnecessary words, but she looked sorry. I was taken aback, seeing how slightly surprising it was.

Hmm. Although Katerina gives off a scary image, she may not necessarily be bad.

“Have you not heard anything from Bernhardt-sama, Katerina-sama?”

“No… That’s because I’m not allowed to talk to my brother.”


From the way she said that, it sounded like someone banned her; rather than being unable to, she’s not allowed to, but Katerina is eagerly thinking of something, unable to tell me more about it.

“…That’s right! Start with the beginning! Come now, quickly tell me!”

Having properly reflected on it, Katerina waved her fan instead as it had nowhere else to go, unable to hit my arm. That feels more dangerous though.

“The first time we met was at the tea party at the Royal Palace last month…”

“You were there? …I wonder if you were so plain that I simply didn’t notice you.”

“There’s that, but it’s also because I wasn’t feeling good and stayed in the corner.”

“I see, and?”

“Bernhardt-sama approached me, and noticing that I didn’t look okay, accompanied me to a lounge to rest in.”

“Oh ho!!”

I’m certain you’re enjoying this a whole lot, huh, Katerina-sama?

I guessed that Katerina, with her eyes shining as she coerced the story from me, was the same as my mother who enjoyed love stories. Thinking that, I thought that it would be impossible for us to get along, but I have a feeling we would. If I put up with her excessive talking and abuse with the fan, it could surprisingly happen! Speaking of which, I’ll be completely fine seeing as I had an honest friend in my previous life! Though that doesn’t mean I won’t get hurt!


“He accompanied me until the carriage came to pick me up.”

“Don’t tell me that was the end?”

“It is.”


Having been left hanging, Katerina grasped both of my shoulders, and shook me back and forth, saying, Don’t be shy and tell me everything! Wai– Katerina-sama! I’m gonna hurl! At this rate, I won’t just be talking, I’ll probably be throwing up the insides of my stomach! But I’ve really talked about every– Ah!

“HANDS!! We held hands!”

“Oh my!!”

Th-thank god… I nearly became a Merlion* towards a beautiful girl. I was more scared that I’d have lost something important as a woman rather than experiencing something horrifying~

“That’s to be expected, my brother is a guy after all! If Edwin-sama and I… Oh my, your face doesn’t look so good, Lizia-sama.”

“I-I’m quite fine.”

Katerina looked at me fixing my disheveled hair as I inwardly retorted how that was her fault, and suddenly made a face, as if to say she did something bad again.

“I loathe you. You easily got me too engrossed into it.”


For some reason, I thought, This girl doesn’t know how to apologize. Being a duke’s daughter, there was no other child the same age as her of the same status aside from her brother and His Highness. She may have made to think, It’s okay to not apologize while growing up.

“Katerina-sama is a tsundere, huh.”


“It’s a type of girl that some men like.”

“Edwin-sama too!?”

“That, I do not know, but at least I’ve come to like you just a little bit, Katerina-sama.”

Just because I’ve come to like her doesn’t mean I do, which may have been a cunning way of saying it. But as I wondered whether Katerina-sama realized that or not, her beautiful, blue eyes twinkled with happiness.

“You’re very kind, aren’t you? I’ve decided! I’ll allow you to specially call me onee-sama.”

I see, she just wanted me to call her that.

Little by little, I understood how she treats others. Instead, this girl who could only speak in such a high-handed way looked quite charming to me.

“Understood, onee-sama.”

When I smiled as I called her onee-sama, Katerina happily smiled back as she hid her mouth behind her mouth, embarrassed.

“Then Lizia, take off your clothes!”


*Kind of like this. She’s basically saying she’ll throw up like the Merlion.

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