I’m Troubled That My Fiance’s A Villain – Main Story – Episode 11

Recently, I feel as if I haven’t done anything even though I’ve been busy keeping up with the developments.

If I asked Bern, ‘Am I a burden to you?,’ he’d answer, ‘Just having you here is fine.’

Or maybe, ‘Since you’re no good at that, it’s okay to not do anything. Or more like, don’t do anything.’ No, no, there’s no way.

If this was a fantasy world with magic, I’d probably be able to help out more.

Making things like ice, or ice cream, I’ll become a soldier of fortune from a dessert kingdom.

…It’s no use. Even though I never made sweets in my previous life, I can’t do anything about it anymore since I’ve already reincarnated.

I can cook, but I’m too careless. Even though I once made cookies a long time ago, for some reason, it would just collapse no matter how much I beat the dough. Though I’m not sure he won’t get what I’m saying, I don’t get what I’m saying either.

Besides, I’m pretty sure Bern would turn out to be a great magician. The world would end if he ever made a mistake. He’d probably be a darkness user!

“Darius would surprisingly be a fire user.”

“What the hell are you saying?”

That’s definitely the kind of thing you’d say ‘What the hell are you saying?’ to. I feel you. But to be honest, I’m so tired that I feel like I’m getting stupider.

“I want to be able to use magic.”

“So you gonna escape by flying away?”

“No, I’ll become a soldier of fortune from a dessert kingdom.”

He looked at me, extremely shocked.

“And? Are you running away from making a decision with your stupid delusions?”

All of a sudden, Darius’ face goes blank. Looking at him like this, he really doesn’t look like a human, coupled with his mystical-like appearance.

“No way, I’m thinking about this properly.”

We’re currently sitting across from each other in a dusty, underground storage-like room. Just like a suspect and an interrogator.

I don’t know whether this chair had been in this room since the beginning, or if Darius brought it in, but it’s really uncomfortable.

The way Darius managed to convince Bern to help him with the Second Prince Faction was by inviting him to look at something interesting he found, and after having lead him to an empty, storage room, pretended to say, ‘That’s so weird~’

Now that I think about it, his sister is the mother of the second prince, which makes the second prince his nephew. Though right now, doesn’t it look like he’s still soliciting people to join the Second Prince Faction, just like in the game?

But because it looked like he wasn’t going to do that, I finally relaxed around him.

For the time being, I had declined, but the world isn’t as simple as that.

Don’t tell me he’s going to keep me in this room until I give him a yes?

Then that means I can’t get out of here until I accept Darius’ request.

I’m not yet sure if he really does plan on keeping me here, but I’ll be keeping in mind the fact that Darius is standing near the door.

We stayed like that for a couple hours. My internal clock says it’s already past dinnertime.

I wonder if anyone’s looking for me. Maybe Bern, Katerina, or Clarissa.

But Bern told me he was going outside today, plus Katerina and Clarissa had carefree upbringings.

Also, I’m the type to go home as soon as school ends and lock herself in her room.

It’s no use. Even after so much time has passed, no one has come to look for me. Rarely anybody comes here anyways…

“You’re surprisingly stubborn.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, I figured you were more easygoing than this.”

That’s rude. I mean, because I’m Japanese deep down, I’m less easygoing compared to you guys.

“Although I’m not one to easily go with the flow, I can cooperate.”

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

Darius laughs, amazed.

Even though he laughed like usual, it felt weird in this awkward situation.

To have so many things happen to me as I try to seriously live, such as this current situation where it feels like I’m a captive princess, makes the quiet life that I hoped for seem so far away.

Nevertheless, I have time. I have too much time, in fact.

It’s fun to talk to Darius, but as expected, he’s already run out of jokes and most of all, my butt hurts.

That’s right! This chair’s too hard! I’m pretty sure it hurts for Darius as well. Why couldn’t he have prepared a better chair? Do I really look like the type that’s so easily persuaded?

“I’m bored. And my butt hurts.”

“Then you should just nod your head.”

“Hmm… Oh yeah, we should dance, Darius!”


“At this rate, branches will grow out of my butt, and then I’ll become a human chair.”

Darius’ caution was strong as I moved the chair to the corner with a clatter, but because he also hates sitting still for too long, he put his away in the corner as well.

Hehehe, gotcha, Darius. I know that you’re really bad at keeping still.

Of course, I’m not thinking of running away… Well, more like I don’t plan on running away by dancing with him.

I tried interrupting our conversation by taking the initiative, just like what Bern would do, but it surprisingly did the trick.

With the chairs off to the corner, we managed to get enough narrow space in the middle of the room that allowed us to dance.

“I’ve thought this before, but why do we still take dance lessons even though us noble kids don’t have to dance?”

“Dunno. But isn‘t that better than more history lessons?”

“I see.”

My left hand was on Darius’ shoulder, and my right arm from the shoulder was level, then slightly bent upwards from the elbow.

“Hey, posture.”

Every time we danced, he would always tell me my posture was bad. He’s surprisingly precise.

“Let’s slow the tempo down since you’re so bad at this.”

Shut up.

Tightening my hold on him, we began to dance while humming to a comfortable one, two, three rhythm. A slow waltz that would suit a piece like Moon River.

The room was tight so we had to do many huge turns. If you were to look at us twirl around from above, we might have looked a little like a certain automatic vacuum cleaner.

“Is this why you became friends with me, Darius?”

“…That’s right. You’re Brunsmeier’s only weakness so I thought I won’t lose anything by becoming friends with you.”

“Even you could think up of such complicated things, huh, Darius.”

“That’s cause I’m an ambitious man.”

Right, left, right. Left, right, left. As I tried to follow my steps to that rhythm, we continued talking without looking at each other’s faces.

He said that he had wanted to get closer to me, but this was the first time I’ve ever talked about family with Darius.

“In the beginning, I didn’t plan on doing it like this. Doing something violent to you and pissing Brunsmeier off isn’t exactly a good idea either.”

“So you say, but here I am right now, trapped.”

“That’s true. I may have underestimated that Alois guy.”

“Why Alois?”

“Lila is good at handling people— or should I say, the mood, but that’s about it. My guess is that it’s Alois who works behind the scenes. Just like me, he’d do anything for his family.”


“But I won’t let end it here. I’ll definitely watch the second prince’s rise to power and the throne.”


Left, right, left, turn.

“So I want you to say something to Brunsmeier. That the Rietbergs are siding with the Second Prince Faction.”

“What if I say I won’t?”

“I’ll do what it takes so you do. You’re special to Brunsmeier. He won’t refuse.”

I wasn’t shocked that Darius doesn’t consider our friendship genuine. I do feel sad about it, but there’s nothing I could do about it.

That’s cause Darius always teases me in full force when he’s around, so relative to his firm words just now, I see no sign of him backing down from keeping me locked up to talk.

Well, in the end, he’s only 15 years old! He’s so immature! Though I have no retorts about me being 15 years old as well.

“When I heard that Lila charmed His Highness, I thought, I’ve got it.”

Charmed— that’s such a nostalgic word. Katerina also said that the first time we met.

“I figured I would specifically help them set up their secret dates, thinking that they’ll bring ruin to themselves, but it didn’t really work out that way.”

Help them with their secret dates, what the hell was this guy doing? Were you watching over them from beyond the grave? Ah, wait, wasn’t I only supposed to use that for people who’ve already died?

No wonder the pace that His Highness and Lila got closer was too fast.

“Hmm. That’s too bad, huh?!”

I said as I stomped on his foot with all I had. I could only do this much right now, but I’ve avenged you, Katerina!

…What the!? …What’d I tell you? That’s why out of sympathy for me and respect for our friendship, talk to Brunsmeier for me. After all, your dad isn’t interested in picking sides.”

“Those are two separate things… Ow!

I glared at Darius as he apologized– Sorry, my bad, for casually stepping on my foot. I thought he would let me stomp back, but instead he skillfully dodges it, making me look like a one-person comedy act. Ughhh!

“Tell you what, Darius. Stop going through all this trouble, and just talk to Bern yourself.”

“Does that mean you’ll help me out?”

“If you give me ice cream.”

“I dunno what that is! What the hell is it anyways!?”

He’s so useless.

“But anyways, I’ve already done that.”

“Huh, what? Were you rejected? Wow, so pitiful.”

“Should I spread around that time when you got a stomachache from sipping too much nectar?”

Excuse me? I did think it was weird how you didn’t get one either with sipping when you sipped the same amount I did.”

The nectar was slightly sweet, and although it wasn’t extremely delicious, you won’t be able to stop once you’ve had a taste of it.

But I’ll leave that aside for now.

I see. Darius has tried persuading Bern before. And then he was admirably refused.

So that’s why he never shows up when I’m together with Bern. What a loser.

“Guess what, Darius.”


“I’m a coward, so if possible, I don’t want to hate anyone nor do I want to come to hate someone. I can’t help you. Sorry.”

Suddenly unfastening my hold on him, the dance quietly ends.

Darius was making a troubled face, as if saying it can’t be helped.

“But I’ll introduce you to Bern as a friend, so please do your best on your own.”

I like Darius. Of course, that’s as a friend, and despite my speculations about him, the time we spent together wasn’t a lie. Besides, he was polite enough to talk about his own circumstances, like an idiot.

Even though I wasn’t worried, I wonder if Bern will accept Darius’ proposal this time. That’s because the Hidden Student Council–

Baam! A harsh sound resounded, and the door opened.

On the other side of the broken door was Bern. At the same time, both of us gave a shout.


“Are you done talking?”

Eh, no way, the door was locked. I mean, he just destroyed it with a calm face, right…? Eh, scary.

“Eh, scary.”

Darius said the same thing, somewhat dumbfounded.

“Yay, yay! We’re saved, Darius! We were worried about being locked in.”

I tried jumping to show my happiness, but I probably looked really stupid instead. It might be better to stop…

“Is that so?”

“This is Darius, my friend.”

So please don’t get mad.

Since Bern has a smile on right now. I don’t know if it’ll help, but this is the most I can help him with. Good luck, Darius! It definitely won’t be that bad!

“Lizzy. I have something to talk to him about, so go meet up with Ionius or Helena at the clubroom. I’ll catch up as soon as possible. Don’t stop by anywhere else. Okay?”

“G-Got it.”

While being overpowered by Bern’s firm tone, I answered.

Uhm, I have a bad feeling for some reason. Did something that I didn’t know about happen again?

Anyways, as I quickly headed towards the club room, I heard Bern’s low voice.

“Don’t piss me off too much, Wehner… You’re paying me back for your needless actions.”

Goodbye, Darius. You were a good kid… I’ll put wild strawberries in front of your grave every year.

But I wonder why Bern’s so angry.

I wonder if it was okay for me to leave… I had enough sense to get out of that mysterious, underground storage room. After saying that, I then headed towards the Hidden Student Council clubroom.

When I got there, there was a line-up of members outside, giving off the feeling of secrecy.

“Jeez! Just where did you run off to?!”

“A-ah~ I was just~”

Katerina rushes at me with an unusual jog, looking flustered for a minute.

Don’t tell me you were worried…!

“Something terrible has happened. Please calm down and listen to me.”


‘Something terrible!?’ she says, but it’s going to be okay. ‘Come again–!?’ I also thought as I was writing.

Thank you for the multiple views, bookmarks, and also feedback!

Because I wanted to give the impression of a waltz, I had to revise it a little bit.

*It’s a piece that Audrey Hepburn waltzs to in Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

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