I’m Troubled That My Fiance’s A Villain – Main Story – Episode 19

“You’re already fed up with me, right? You hate me, right?”

“That’s not true.”

“While you were getting attacked, I was carelessly sleeping. You said you forgive me, but I can’t forgive myself.”

“That’s not it…”

Someone, please help me.

As I sat on the chair, Bern has been kneeling in front of me, asking for forgiveness for the past ten minutes already.

Because he was kneeling, his gray eyes that were always looking down, were now looking up at me with uneasiness.

Even though I feel as if I’ve said this before, but I’m particularly weak to his dejected face. First off, I have not one milliliter of anger towards him, but rather, it’s my fault. Though it’s not really my fault, but that guy and Alois’.

To be honest, even I’m a little surprised because I never expected that the always calm and absentminded Bern could become like this.

When I stopped crying, Bern asked Clarissa about the situation and already had a terrified expression because of that.

I thought he was going to cry. By the way, Clarissa cried a little. After that, Ionius escaped somewhere far away.

But as expected, Bern brought things under control by first giving Clarissa his thanks, and then promising her that he would prevent unnecessary harm from coming to her family. And that he will end things with Alois, no matter what.

After that, he made me sit on a nearby chair and suddenly knelt, asking my forgiveness for letting the attack happen.

“Please don’t hate me…”

Bern grasped my hand and laid his forehead on it as he squeezed those words out.

I wonder just how many times he’s already said these lines.

Somehow, he’s always so clever, but he’s like a kid when he’s like this.

Just like a kid being scolded.

How should I say this… I’m happy that he doesn’t want me to hate him, but I’m a little sad that he doesn’t seem to trust me.

Besides, I wonder what he would do if something really happened to me. I should probably live with a better sense of danger.

First off, I tried to focus on talking to the gloomy Bern with as soft a voice as I could manage.

“Idiot. It’s not like I hate you. Actually, you couldn’t do much about Clarissa saving me. Plus, it’s thanks to you teaching me a technique that we were able to escape.”

Actually, that kick to the nuts was something I got from Bern. While I’m at it, he also told me about various treacherous techniques like vigorously stabbing your thumb into your enemy’s forehead, or punching their chin and making them faint, or stabbing their eyes with your forefinger, the so-called eye poke.

Although I could only showcase one of them this time around, I could only hope that a day that I would have to use the others wouldn’t come.

“So stop blaming yourself… If I ever get attacked again, when that happens, you’ll be able to protect me that time around right?”

“Of course,” Bern answered as he tightened his hold on my hand.

“If you die, there’d be no point in living…”

You’re exaggerating too much… I thought.

Though I don’t think that now’s the right time to say that.

I couldn’t see his face but felt alarmed at the seriousness of his voice.

I’m pretty sure Bern’s shaken as well.

“Then, diligently stay by my side, okay?”

“…I promise. I’ll definitely protect you.”

I thought that he would object to what I said, but Bern actually agreed.

I was wondering what I would do if he said he would commit seppuku* as his duty, but it seems like he finally settled on something within himself. I’m glad. Well, it’s not like seppuku exists in this world.

Unexpectedly, Bern stood up with a sort of levelheadedness, lightly brushed off the dirt from his knees, and quietly brought his face closer.

With gentle tenderness, he touched my forehead and let go.

“I’m sorry for doing this just after promising you, but I have to do a bit of cleaning up. But I’ll come back immediately after. Stay with the madam until then.”

“Huh, ah, sure.”

He held my forehead as he kissed it, and I stupidly gave him a reply. Bern gave me a perfectly forced smile and bowed to the madam, the dorm granny. And just like that, with Ionius accompanying him, they trickled out of the room.

Heee, cleaning up, huh? Cleaning up…

Eh, wait a minute, cleaning up? What does he mean by cleaning up!? I mean, he kissed my forehead… Let’s put that aside for now!

With my hands having been full with Bern, I forgot about Clarissa. She unenergetically called out to me with a refreshed face, saying, “Here, the madam prepared drinks for us.”

Whenever you think of drinking something in the middle of the night, it’s definitely hot milk. Tons of sugar is fine, but to drink a high calorie drink this late… Wait, no, no! It doesn’t matter right now if it’s hot milk, or whatever!

Ahh, crap. This ain’t good.

Don’t know why I’m getting angry in a Kansai dialect*, but this ain’t looking good.

There was a moment that looked as if Bern’s eyes froze with cold-blooded killing intent, just like whenever he hurts someone. Even though thoughts like that sadden me, I would always think of Bern. That’s why I hopefully understand him more than most girls.

Or I might be thinking too much about this. However, Bern might end up killing that guy if this keeps up. That’s what my intuition tells me.

But he may not even kill him either.

So? Should I let him be a murderer?

Not on my watch.

I won’t let him do that even for my sake.


I rushed, kicking the door open, and went out to the hallway, but they weren’t there anymore.

Where did they go?

That guy’s being held somewhere. And that’s definitely where Bern and Ionius are headed.

First off, it’s not the security office since I can’t imagine Bern settling this peacefully.

Which reminds me, in the game, Lila had been in the exact same situation that I was in where she was attacked. Whose route was it again…? I’m pretty sure, oh yeah, Johann’s!

Johann was surprisingly yandere-ish, and used the Student Council Room to interrogate the guy. That’s because the Student Council Room was outside of jurisdiction*, and even His Highness cooperated despite being the Student Council President.

So that means, Bern would have brought him somewhere that’s outside of jurisdiction to interrogate that guy–


As I ran through the corridors, Clarissa’s hurried voice chased after me.

“Sorry! I have to go where Bern is!”

Despite tonight’s uproar waking up everybody, I ran through the noisy corridors, ignoring the eyes of the onlookers.

“…S-see here, I’m! A knight! To discipline that wicked woman, I…!”
Light spilled from the Hidden Student Council’s door, yay–! It’s here–! Wait, by wicked woman, does he mean me–?! In the brief moment I was happy, the vulgar man’s yell was unnaturally cut off,


And was continued by the muffled sound of a strike against something hard.


As I came closer to open the door, my hand reflexively stiffened as a feeble scream escaped through.

Wh-what was that noise just now…?

“Be careful about the way you speak.”

I have a feeling that threatening voice I heard just now was Bern’s…

It’s not like I’d be better off mishearing that voice… That was definitely Bern’s voice. It also sounds similar to that time when he was arguing with Alois and His Highness in front of the girls’ dormitory.

Ughh… I came here really hyped up, but now I’m extremely scared. Is this fine? Won’t he get mad at me?

Even after all this time, I’m scared of the name, ‘Hidden Student Council’. I mean, what’s with the ‘Hidden’ part?! I didn’t want to say it until now, but are you guys chuuni*–?! Dammit–!

This feels slightly like marching into a yakuza office all by myself. Ah, but one of the people inside is my own fiancé…

…Aghhh! I don’t care! A woman can be courageous!!

I opened the door with a bang and marched into the terrifying club room.

To put it briefly, Bern was clutching the guy’s hair, and there was a bright red pillar in between the desk and the guy’s face.

“G-Good evening~”

If people heard a Good evening, they’d think in response, What the hell? It’s fine. I’d think the same thing.

The guy could only groan out ahhs and ughhs in pain, but taking a quick glance, there was a black, unnatural hollow in his mouth, and from his gums, blood was trickling in drops.

Oh, that red pillar was a nosebleed… huh. What’s more, his front teeth were broken.

I guess I was a minute too late…

No, that doesn’t matter! Here goes!

First of, something, I have to say something. I frantically think of the words to say, but without careful consideration, the words left my mouth.

“I don’t think, that violence, is the answer.”

For some reason, I stuck out a hand, doing a pose just like in dramas where someone prevents a suicide, while slowly dragging my feet inside the room.


Dumbfounded, Bern let go of the guy’s hair, and multiple strands of hair scattered about on the blood-stained desk.

The guy’s arms and legs were all tied to the chair, unable to move at all, so he could only manage to groan in pain.

Waiting in the corner was Ionius, who flustered about pathetically as he hid various, unsightly things.

I would first like to start off with an apology.

At that moment, I was considerably about to explode.

I was probably around the time I bravely opened the door, and jokingly said, “Good evening~.” However, as I’m still posing with one hand out like I’m stopping someone from committing suicide, I didn’t expect the inside of the room to have taken a violent turn even though I managed to catch up with no problems. His nose and teeth look painful — extremely painful!

Bern’s face turned pale, looking really pitiful as if the world was about to end.

Ionius, too, covered the violent scene with his own body as he chattered about.

That’s why I didn’t think it was weird when I blurted out something slightly strange.

“S-Since we’re going to be husband and wife, interrogating is a team effort!!”

Wait, he wouldn’t understand what I meant by that.

And, Bern. Why are you blushing?

It seems that for some reason, the author name on the table of contents skips over the author page. For it to become like this, I could only be embarrassed what with my insufficient knowledge. Although the main story only has a few chapters left, the next update will take a while, and when that happens, I will send a notification for those who signed up for update notifications.

*seppuku – what samurais used to do when they were dishonored(or lost and don’t wanna give up or something) or committed a sin, it’s where they disembowel themselves

*Kansai dialect – the words she actually used was あかん、あかんで which I translated to “crap, this ain’t good.” It’s usually translated as a southern accent, so I tried (and failed cause I’m not from the South), but Kansai-ben does not equal southern accent.

*outside of jurisdiction – the words she actually used was extraterritorial, but I didn’t exactly know the meaning of that word and had to look it up, so I assumed there might be people who’s the same so I just rephrased.

*chuuni – if you haven’t heard of this yet, it’s the so-called 8th grade syndrome where someone in high school or older acts like a delusional kid (pretending they have powers, etc).

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