I’m Troubled That My Fiance’s A Villain – Main Story – Episode 20.5

A bit of time went by.

After Lizia and Bern left, Donald was still left bound to the chair.

Of course, since Ionius stayed behind as a lookout, and he was still securely bound, it made escaping impossible.

Furthermore, his face and left forefinger felt hot as if they were burning up, and the intense pain came back repeatedly like surging waves. When he lost his focus, he ended up crying, looking unsightly.

He wondered what was going to happen to him from here on out. He might really end up having to live as a commoner. He might not be able to meet Lila anymore.

Why did I do something so stupid?

Those thoughts were like rays of light shining down from heaven, and they suddenly recurred to him over and over.

He wondered to himself as he lost his bearings.

Why did it end up like this? He just genuinely liked Lila. But she yearned for His Highness, and him, her. That’s why he wanted to just watch over her, happily. Then why?

And suddenly, he remembered.

If what you feel for Lila is really love, it’ll definitely go smoothly. Get rid of her grief. Of Lizia Rietberg.

Alois said that with a sneer. Something was bothering Lila. If Lizia Rietberg is gone, Lila would get better. Everything will go smoothly. Why did he think that? His head was in a haze, he couldn’t remember. The closet that Alois brought him to was filled with a sickening, intense, sweet smell. His head was also in a daze, just like that time, and also–

“Hahaha! Rietberg-san is so nice! If it wasn’t for her, you would have been killed by Bernhardt by now~ Ah, no, I was also thinking that, ‘Ah, I’d have to dispose his body,’ and was racking my brains, you know?”

As he repeatedly went back and forth with himself with questions that had no answer, Donald was suddenly brought back to reality by the unexpected voice.

An awfully cheerful man with deep purple, disheveled hair and a robe that hid his body waving about. A famous, eccentric art teacher in this school, Lucas.

“Muller-kun, thank you for being on the lookout. I’ll take it from here, so go rest.”


Lucas grinned, as if finding something funny that they didn’t know, moved back from Ionius, and cautiously untied Donald’s ropes. Because it looks as if Lucas is just an art teacher, Ionius couldn’t go against him.

With his bound body being released, Donald was suddenly attacked with joint pain and fatigue.

First of all, the whole thing ended without him meeting a painful end.

With the momentary break in his soliloquy, Donald’s anxiety with what was to happen after this disappeared as Lucas helped him stand up.

His knees had been bent for a long time, so when he suddenly stretched them, they cracked.

As Donald staggered, his shoulder was pulled back as Lucas frivolously said, You’re so dumb as well, with a cheerful smile.

In the next instant, that cheerful voice changed to a cold one, to the point that his hair stood up on all ends, and said this.

“Well, I think that Bernhardt’s also nicer compared to me.”

A shock went through his right chest.


Donald didn’t know what happened to his own body.

He looked down at his chest in surprise, and coming out of it was a long object he wasn’t used to seeing.

Light from the fine silver dimly stood out. He was pretty sure it was a knife. A knife was lodged in him.

Even so, there was surprisingly no pain nor blood whatsoever, and yet, his spine unbearably turned colder and colder, as if it was becoming ice. He gradually felt sluggish, starting from the tips of his toes, and finally, he fell to the ground on his knees, unable to stand up.

“See, people like you~ If I’m too merciful and let you live, I wonder when you’ll be used again and return the favour with spite — you get me, right? So it’s best to just get rid of you. Ah, that’s right! I’ve already thought of how to dispose of you. It’s a great task that only you can do.”

Donald couldn’t understand a single thing that Lucas said.

The unbelievable fact that he was going to die after this stood before his very eyes.

His senses, thoughts, and even reality — everything receded.

Why would Lucas kill me? With that, even without knowing his true intentions, Donald Mackin’s only life quietly disappeared from this world.

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