NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System – Episode 04

The dating sim system’s options for increasing stats were quite wondrous.

If the conditions weren’t fulfilled, the option would be grayed out and unselectable. For example, the “morning jog” option in raising “physical ability,” can’t be selected unless it’s actually morning. But in the morning, it would light up and can be chosen.

If he selects an available option, Seiji will have a strong urge to do what he just chose, and if he forces himself to go against it, the option will turn gray again, and the relevant stat will actually decrease!

On the other hand, if he goes with his urge to finish what he chose, after a certain amount of time, the urge will disappear, and his stat will increase.

To summarize, it was quite a convenient function, suitable for the lazy.

The stat that Seiji wanted to raise most right now, was of course “physical ability.” He’s off from work today, so it’s a perfect time to use his system.

After he returned to his apartment, he chose the option to “exercise at home.”

Then, his brain was suddenly filled with an urge to do warmup exercises, and his brain automatically heard a fast-paced “one, two, three, four……,” his body automatically started moving, and the only thing he thought about was exercising……


“Plop-” Seiji made a sound like he was just coming out of a swimming pool, and in truth his body was completely drenched, sweating all over, with his clothes covered in sweat, with a stinky stench.

After some heavy panting, he took a look at the time.

Whoa, he actually just exercised without resting for three whole hours!

What the hell, this option must be bugged! When he experimented with it before, it wasn’t at this level!

What caused the change, is it because his stats were higher than the first time he tried it? Or was it because he was seriously intending to exercise this time?

Seiji couldn’t figure out the answer, as he laid collapsed on the floor, unable to move for the time being.

It was quite hard on his body, but the effect was evident, his physical ability stat increased by two points instantly.

Two points wasn’t insignificant at all, while his physical ability stat did increase several times when he first started working, but after that it completely stopped increasing no matter how much he worked. And three hours of exercising increased it by two points, it’s quite amazing.

If he can increase his physical ability stat by two points every time he exercises, then Seiji will become a super athlete in no time…… it won’t be that easy, will it?

After lunch, he took a long nap.

In the afternoon, Seiji used the “exercise at home” option again, and he felt the unstoppable urge to exercise again……

It’s now evening.

Mika Uehara spent an especially long day at school, and she finally returned home accompanied by her good friend.

After entering her home, she relaxed all at once, and jumped on her sofa and rolled around on it.

The president was so cool!

After hearing her circumstances and request, the student council president instantly took action, and gave the blondie a severe lecture and warning.

And the result, the blondie didn’t appear in front of her all day.

While the blondie’s family is quite powerful, they’re nothing compared to the president’s family, with the president personally warning him, that should be more than enough for him to be obedient.

Having successfully received the student council president’s protection, Mika Uehara felt quite relieved.

And now that she was home, she thought about the person who gave her the idea, and she strongly felt like sharing her joy and success with him.

She’s the type that acts on her feelings, and besides he lives right upstairs.

Mika Uehara walked upstairs to the second floor, and knocked on Seiji Haruta’s door.

It took quite a while for the door to open slowly, and the face behind it appeared exhausted.

Mika Uehara jumped in surprise.

“What happened, Haruta-kun!?”

“Nothing, I was just exercising……” Haruta’s words seemed to lack energy to the extent which it was like he was just a husk of himself.


“I’m off from work today, so I did some working out in my room, and sweated tons, I just finished showering.”

“Oh……” She nodded, when she suddenly noticed, it was like he had gotten a bit smaller.

Of course, he was still fat, but…… it seemed like he was slightly skinnier than this morning?

It must be her imagination, right? Just working out in your room, couldn’t possibly be this effective.

“How about your situation?” Seiji asked.

Mika Uehara recalled why she came here, and happily told him what happened.

“That president seems like a good person.”

“Yep, she’s the coolest! I’m also going to join her fan club!”


“Yeah, the president is a girl, she’s beautiful, gentle, and so cool!” It was like stars were sparkling in Mika Uehara’s eyes.

The mental image that Seiji had of a respected family’s scion instantly collapsed.

At first, he felt like it didn’t matter, but the next minute, he felt like things wouldn’t end this simply.

It was because the president was female.

If the president was male, with a powerful family backing him up, warning that scumbag to not get close to a girl would most likely cause him to stay away out of fear. But with the president being a girl, having a girl warn that type of scumbag, it’s likely to cause him to want to rebel against the warning even more.

Seiji hoped that he was only worrying for nothing.

“Even though the president has acted for you, you should still be careful for the time being.”

“Yep! I returned home with a friend accompanying me.” Mika nodded, then she showed her shyness, “but, about going to school……”

“I can take you, however……” Seiji smiled.

“I know, I’ll take care of your breakfasts!” Mika showed a brilliant smile.

“Click,” Seiji heard the sound of his system saving the picture as a CG.

He never imagined that he’d be able to see this type of smile in 3-D!

A life filled with enjoying daily pleasures, that’s the kind of life he wants.

After Mika left, Seiji returned to his room, and took a good look at himself in the bathroom mirror.

There’s no mistake, he’s definitely skinnier, although he doesn’t know what his weight is, he definitely lost at least 2.5 kilograms.

This efficiency is terrifying!

With this speed, if he keeps up the exercise for a week, he can have a normal person’s body shape, or maybe even become fairly strong, but, will this scare everyone around him?

In one week, turning from a huge, fat otaku into a strong youth, this would be such a great difference, it would be perfect for a weight-loss advertisement!

Should he decrease the speed a little?

Then, when he thought about what was possible, Seiji decided that he would exercise with all his might!

There were so many strange and wondrous things in this world anyways, so becoming thin in one week shouldn’t really be such a big deal.

And, after using the system’s option to exercise twice, Seiji discovered that he actually enjoyed the feeling of increasing his stats after a session of hard work.

Leveling is so fun, he can’t stop himself!

The next day.

Seiji woke up super early, and chose the “morning jog” option after leaving the apartment.

“Oh oh oh oh oh!” Seiji felt a sudden urge to run to the edge of the world, his brain was filled with nothing but the thought of running on endlessly!

He didn’t know what happened after, or for how long he ran for, or where he went, when he realized what was going on again, he was standing in front of his apartment, soaked in sweat, panting like a dog in summer heat, his expression looked like a dead fish.

Just standing there for a few seconds, caused a puddle of sweat to accumulate by his feet.

“I…… I’m almost dying……” He shakily headed for the stairs, and didn’t even notice that a beautiful lady was observing him from close by.

“Ha…… Haruta-kun?”


Seiji turned his head around, and saw a mature young woman who was well-dressed, full-figured, had a delicate and pretty face with the same amber eyes as Mika Uehara, with dark red short hair, watching him.

“Good morning, Mrs. Landlord.”

This person was Mika Uehara’s mother, the landlord of this simple apartment, Nozomi Uehara.

“Good morning, Haruta-kun, were you…… just out for a morning jog?” Nozomi walked over with a slight smile on her face.

Seiji nodded.

“I’m soaked in sweat, it’s embarrassing to be seen by you.”

“Not at all, Haruta-kun…… you’re working so hard, no wonder Mika said it was like you became a different person.”

Of course, Nozomi remembered Seiji from when he first rented an apartment, what a lowlife otaku he was, just the way he looked at her made her feel sick. If it wasn’t for the fact that she lacked tenants, she wouldn’t have accepted him as a renter.

But now, the fat young man in front of her was completely different, his eyes seemed clear and calm, his words steady and reserved, he was filled with the smell of someone who had been exercising seriously, instead of strange, perverted stenches.

“I know that I used to be…… quite awful, so I have been changing myself, and I hope it’s not too late.” Seiji smiled wryly, “I was rude to you before as well, Mrs. Landlord, I hope you’ll be able to forgive me.”

He’s truly different, the fat otaku from before, never would have something that sounded so sincere!

“No, I should also ask your forgiveness, my attitude before…… also wasn’t the best.” Nozomi bowed, seriously meaning what she said.

“Also, thank you very much for helping my daughter, she told me that if it wasn’t for you, then……” Remembering back to what she heard from Mika, Nozomi’s face was filled with fear.

If this boy hadn’t appeared at that time, then Mika might have……

“It was nothing, just passing by, I think any man would do the same thing in that situation.” Seiji scratched his cheek, “Uehara…… Miss Mika also thanked me already, so you don’t need to be so formal with me.”

“Honestly, I’m truly grateful to you.” The young mother bowed deeply.

Seiji could only accept.

“Mrs. Landlord, were you waiting here to thank me?”

“Mm…… I wanted to thank you personally, no matter what.” She stood up straight again. “My daughter Mika is probably just getting up now, she told me that the two of you have a promise.”

“Yes, she brings me breakfast, and I take her to school, I think it’s a pretty good deal.” Seiji kept scratching his face.

“Just a deal?” Nozomi covered her smile, “from what I can see, Mika seems quite happy.”

Seiji couldn’t think of anything to say to the young mother’s joke, and after some awkwardness, he said that he needed to hurry up and take a shower, and went upstairs.

Oh, he’s gotten so much cuter. And, he seems a bit skinnier, and more handsome?

Nozomi watched him go upstairs, while thinking so.

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