NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System – Episode 05

What can happen in a week?

For Mika Uehara, every week seems ordinary, maybe there’s a new magazine she wants to read, or a new episode of a program she likes, she’ll go out shopping once with her friends, something like that.

But in the past week, she had it deeply ingrained into her that miracles could happen in the space of a week.

That’s right, a miracle!

It happened right in front of her, to that fat otaku she knew by the name of Seiji Haruta.

At first, she knew that Seiji Haruta had begun exercising.

Even on the days when he was working his full-time job, the fat youth kept exercising, jogging every morning, exercising in his room each night, sweating all over.

At first Mika Uehara was moved, then she became impressed, because he was taking it seriously, even though it was difficult, he never gave up.

If it was her, if she had to work a full-time job, would she still be able to keep exercising every day? She didn’t know.

And on the fourth day, she suddenly discovered that he had greatly changed.

And, when she finally noticed the change, she felt that she had been blind before, for not noticing!

Seiji Haruta, that otaku whose weight was definitely over 100 kilograms before, he became skinnier after exercising for only a few days.

Not a normal level of skinnier, it felt like he reduced himself by almost an entire layer!

His stomach that used to jut out, had disappeared.

His flabby arms, were now muscular.

His chubby face and neck, were now contoured.

When did it all start?

No, he was changing every day. It was just, for some unknown reason, she never noticed, like an idiot!

“Haruta-kun seems to be getting more and more handsome.” If it wasn’t for her mother coincidentally saying this, she probably wouldn’t have even noticed, lost in her delusions.

And then, the fifth day, the sixth day, the seventh day passed……

In the evening, when she opened her door, she saw a handsome guy with a shy smile, who had a cool and bright face, a strong and well-built body, a slightly messy hairstyle that seemed carefree, wearing a jacket and jeans, causing Mika Uehara’s eyes to become completely unfocused.

This was Seiji Haruta, that former fat otaku?

No matter what, she was unable to connect this clean, manly handsome guy in front of her with the otaku in her memory that liked to shut himself in his dark room, wear filthy clothes, reeked of mysterious stenches, with a beer belly, hair that he never combed, that otaku who always had a dreadful expression in his eyes.

There’s no mistake, this was a miracle!

A true miracle!

It took only one week.

The fat otaku, right in front of her, has transformed magnificently!

“Miss Uehara? Um…… Do these clothes look that bad on me?” Seiji nervously tugged on the clothes that he bought just earlier today.

Because his body shape has changed so much, his former clothes wouldn’t fit him anymore, so he was forced to go shopping for some new clothes. Of course, they were all cheap ones.

“No…… not at all!” She finally regained her senses, as her cheeks flushed red, “they don’t look bad at all…… my apologies for not inviting you in, please…… please come in!”

Seiji followed her in, although it wasn’t his first time here, but since the landlord had formally invited him to eat dinner together this time, he was somewhat nervous.

Nozomi Uehara had invited him, since she felt like just expressing her thanks verbally was insufficient, so she decided to invite him to a good meal as thanks.

Seiji felt like this was all rather unnecessary, if they wanted to thank him, the easiest method would be to give him a discount on the rent, but he felt too embarrassed to say that out loud.

Okay, an event happened where he can eat together with the beautiful mother and daughter, so he won’t complain.

“Welcome, Haruta-kun…… Oh my, you’ve become quite handsome.” Nozomi Uehara came out of the kitchen, and her eyes began sparkling when she noticed the youth.

Even if she had sharper senses than her daughter, and was mentally prepared, seeing the fat youth’s magnificent transformation that could only be described as a miracle, she could only mentally exclaim at it.

The shadow of that fat otaku from just two weeks ago, was completely gone now. Just what happened to this young man, for him to have changed so much?

“I just lost a little weight, that’s all.” Seiji scratched his face.

The way he was pretending how this all happened made even himself disgusted. Even though he expected this may happen, but when he actually saw his own changes, he was shocked at how strong his system really was. But there was no helping it, in front of his elder, no matter how difficult for him it is to act, he still needs to continue pretending that this was just “ordinary” weight loss.

That’s not possible!

Mika Uehara felt like yelling that out loud, right now there was a mishmash of emotions in her heart, she wasn’t sure what she was feeling.

The dreadful appearance of that fat otaku and this clean and cool appearance of this handsome boy in front of her kept swirling around in her mind, she couldn’t decide what to make of it.

So miracles did happen.

The ugly duckling was capable of turning into a majestic swan.

That’s when she appeared to realize one of life’s maxims……


Nozomi and Seiji were chatting happily.

While Seiji was an otaku in his past life, but he also used to be an acceptable government worker, so he knew how to entertain guests, if he made an effort, he wouldn’t let those talking to him feel bored.

Nozomi was a bit shocked inside, she didn’t expect that she’d be able to have such a nice conversation with him, considering that he was a youth, he felt more like an adult her age.

Mika ate in silence, it wasn’t that the other two were leaving her out of the conversation, it was that her indecisiveness caused her to be unable to talk, but she kept sneaking glances at his face, and the red blush on her face didn’t fade.

“Haruta-kun, how long do you intend to remain temporarily dropped out of school? Actually, you should be able to go back home, and continue going to school, right?” Nozomi brought up a sensitive topic.

Seiji was surprised for a moment.

“Well, I’ve been considering it recently as well, but…… how to say it, the mistakes I made before were incredibly severe, even though I’ve decided to change myself, but just returning like this, I think it may be difficult for them to accept me.”

Mika silently thought to herself that they might find it difficult to accept him for another reason, anyone that knew him from before would definitely find it difficult to believe the way he was now.

“Then, what do you intend to do?” Nozomi supported her chin against her hand, and stared directly into Seiji’s eyes, while showing the appeal of a mature woman.

“I still don’t know yet. Maybe…… I can find a new job, with a higher salary, and then buy some gifts for my family……”

His body type was normal now…… Okay, his body type and appearance how both improved to “not bad,” so now he doesn’t need to wear a full-body costume anymore, he can definitely try looking for a better job now, and save some money.

“So considerate, I’m sure that your family will be delighted to see the way you are now.” Nozomi nodded.

“Surely you jest.”

“I’m not joking, you’ve become so handsome now, haven’t you noticed that Mika’s been blushing this entire time?”

“Mom!” Mika was suddenly ambushed by her mother teasing her, and her face became even redder as she shrieked in a tender voice.

Seiji could only smile awkwardly.

“By the way, that blondie…… that hoodlum actually dropped out of school, that’s great news, Miss Uehara.”

“Call me Mika!” She wasn’t happy about always being called Miss, so she unconsciously said it out loud, and then noticed what she just said, so her face turned bright red to the roots of her ears.

In Sakura Island, calling someone directly by their name is considered quite intimate, only family members or close friends would do this.

She was just being teased by her own mother, and now she immediately let Seiji call her own name, Mika felt like she was digging her own grave!

“It…… it’s, just, if you call me Uehara, it’s confusing to know who you’re talking about, so…… so that’s the only reason!” She didn’t even know what she was saying anymore.

“Oh my oh my……” Nozomi glanced gently over at her daughter acting shy.

“Cough!” Seiji forced himself to fake a coughing fit, “I mean, for it to all end like this, is the best we can hope for.”

Two days ago, Mika told him that the blondie suddenly dropped out of school, because his father’s company went bankrupt, and his family was no longer powerful, so he was too ashamed to stay at school anymore. Besides, apparently his family was forced to sell their home to pay their debts, so they moved as well.

Did all of this have something to do with the student council president? Seiji didn’t know, nor did Mika know anything, this was all they had to go on.

“Mm…… This is wonderful……” Mika considered about it calmly, and thought about something else that would happen, and became a bit unsatisfied.

“Mika, were you thinking that, it’s nice that you won’t have to be scared, but Haruta-kun doesn’t need to take you to school anymore, so you were disappointed?” Nozomi didn’t pull any punches with her daughter, and continued to tease her.

“Not…… not at all!” Having her inner thoughts pointed out, Mika was angry and embarrassed, her face kept reddening and her eyes became teary.

Even…… even if he lost weight, even if he’s more handsome, he’s still an otaku, I…… I absolutely won’t fall in love with him, humph! She desperately tried to conceal her feelings in her heart.

“Ha…… haha, auntie sure loves to joke around……” other than laughing foolishly, what else was Seiji supposed to do?

And so, the bountiful, delicious meal ended with a joyous atmosphere.

Not long after, Seiji took his leave.

Right after he left, Mika instantly jumped on her mother, like an angry kitten.

“Mom, what are you saying in front of him!”

“I don’t think I was wrong, hehe……” The young woman covered her mouth as she chuckled, showing her experience in life.

“Everything was wrong! I’m not……”

“Then why was your face so red, look, it’s still red even now.”

“I’m…… I’m just angry!”

“You’re not honest with your feelings at all, you’re my daughter, I know instantly what you’re thinking.” The young woman touched her daughter’s cheek, “Haruta-kun used to be quite a terrible person, but now he’s changed to become much better, and he saved you, plus he didn’t even mind protecting you all this time, it’s only normal for you to be moved.”

Mika shyly lowered her head, and twiddled her fingers.

“But from your mother’s perspective, Haruta-kun is trying his utmost to change himself, he might not be interested in you…… and your mother has a premonition, this might only be a beginning, he’ll become even handsomer. Hehe…… no matter what Mika thinks, if you’re serious about it, you can’t let go of this opportunity.”

“Mom……” Mewling like a kitten, Mika tugged on her mother’s shirt, “Just…… what should I do?”

“Think about it yourself, just don’t do anything overboard, boys…… even good boys, have times when they become beasts, just be careful about this.”


It seems that the beautiful mother and daughter’s secret conversation, was going to continue on for quite some time.

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