NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System – Episode 07

Mika Uehara’s danger should be over now.

Behind that brilliant smile, was nothing more than a scary story, it seems perfect this way.

After he successfully brought Mika to school once again, Seiji mulled things over to himself on his way back.

It’s good that this was over.

However, there were some aftereffects. First, it seems that he was stuck in the promise to keep escorting Mika to school.

Second, Mika Uehara’s favorability rating towards him…… had surpassed ninety, his system told him that she would instantly agree to be his girlfriend or even have sex with him if he asked!

Not only that, even the landlord Nozomi Uehara had a favorability rating towards him of over eighty, and if he asked her to have sex, apparently, she would consider it……

“Haha, this is like a complete walkthrough…… Hey, this is no time for me to act like a capture target god!” Seiji had stop himself from going wild.

He doesn’t have a useful ability that a capture target god would like having his targets lose their memories, Mika Uehara’s feelings towards him that were at the maximum was a problem for him.

He liked Mika, but it was at the extent of an adult that was friendly with a child, it wasn’t to the point of love. How to deal with her sincere feelings, was something that gave him headaches.

Forget about it, he’ll just take things as they come. As a thirty year old virgin otaku in his past life, he didn’t know any techniques on how to deal with a high school girl’s love……


“You want to change jobs?” The confectionary shop manager Rika Amami’s eyes were wide open.

“Yes, I would like a higher salary.” Seiji awkwardly scratched his face, telling any boss to their face that he wanted to change jobs, even if she was just his manager, made him feel awkward.

“I’m so grateful to you, store manager, for taking me in during one of my most difficult times, but I want to earn more money as fast as I can, so……”

“Alright then, you can work inside the store, your salary will increase by fifty percent, and if you do a good job, and have a lot of overtime, there’s extra reward money.” Rika Amami said cheerily.

“Oh…… this……” Seiji didn’t expect her to use this tactic.

“Do you still think it’s too low?”

“No, it’s pretty good.” Seiji scratched the corner of his mouth, “I thought store manager would get angry……”

“It’s only normal to want a higher salary, especially after you became so handsome, I was thinking, you’d want to take off your full-body anime costume sooner or later.” Rika had an expression like she’d seen through everything.

Just like the Uehara mother and daughter, this store manager was also a witness to the miracle.

A flabby fatty changed into a strong handsome guy in the short time of one week, she was absolutely shocked as well, but she wasn’t familiar with the original Seiji Haruta’s otaku lifestyle, so the contrast wasn’t as evident to her.

Thinking about how difficult and slow it was for her to lose weight, compared to this fresh meat in front of her that’s unrecognizable as the same person from one week ago, Rika could only sigh.

Perfect timing though, the store’s business was getting better and better, and she wanted to hire some more workers, so she absolutely won’t let go of this polite, hard-working handsome guy!

“I’m not really that handsome…… anyways, thank you, store manager, I’ll take my work seriously.”

And so, he went from a full-body costumed employee to working inside the store.

Wearing the store uniform instead, and standing inside, the fresh, strong, energetic newcomer’s appearance instantly attracted the eyeballs of many female customers.

Rika’s eyes were shining as well, even though she expected it, but she still didn’t realize that the store uniform would look so great on Seiji Haruta, with his good looks and body shape, without a doubt he’s ranked number one in appearance among the store employees!

Even if there were only four employees……

But the other ones were slightly below average, so Seiji stood out among the crowd, and no matter where he was standing, that slightly shy smile was always able to attract female attention.

The store idol…… no wait, the store hunk will be you!

And so, time passed by busily as they worked.

Later that evening, Seiji received a phone call from Mika.

Mika: “S…… Seiji, are you free?”

Seiji: “Sure, what is it?”

Mika: “The president found out about what happened yesterday, she asked me about the details, then…… she said she wanted to meet you.”

Seiji: “Oh? That student council president, wants to meet me? How come?”

Mika: “She said, she knows you……”

Seiji: “What?”

Mika: “She said she knows you, but you probably don’t know her…… anyways, she would like to meet and chat with you.”

Seiji rubbed his chin, and was rather curious. Just who could this student council president possibly be?”

Seiji: “Okay then, when does she want to meet?”

Mika: “If it’s okay with you, she said she’d like to meet tomorrow afternoon in the business district at the sweets shop called ‘Divine Taste.’”

The “Divine Taste” sweets shop, that was the place he worked at! Was this a coincidence, or……

Seiji: “Alright, but you know I need to work tomorrow, so it has to be after 5:00 pm.”

Mika: “Okay, I’ll let her know.”

After hanging up, while lying face-down on her bed, the twintailed beauty had a complicated expression on her face.

Her first time calling him, was actually to talk to him about another girl…… Mika Uehara felt like a deflated balloon.

Also, she detected a sense of danger.

The student council president said that she knew Seiji Haruta, what was that about?

She’s grateful to the president-sama, who has coolness, beauty, and gentleness combined in one body, she seems almost like a goddess, the idol of the entire school as well as herself. And that was why she was worried about the president contacting Seiji…… after all, the president’s charisma was at the level of an alluring witch!

In conclusion, what if Seiji falls in love with the president? It’ll become a huge obstacle to her love!

Rolling rolling rolling rolling, she was so indecisive that she could only roll around on her bed.

“Ahhhh – what should I do –”

Seiji could hear some strange noises coming from downstairs.

Seiji didn’t know what Mika was thinking just then, he was just curious, just who this president was.

Even though she said she knew him, of course she meant the original Seiji, and the original…… would only leave nothing but destructive impressions behind.

Because she knew the original him, and knew what that Seiji was like, and she became curious after learning about the good deed he did for Mika, she wanted to meet him and confirm it, this was a normal reaction.

Let’s not overthink things, he’ll find out anyways after the meeting.

The next day.

Seiji worked as normal until the afternoon, then changed out of the store uniform, walked out of the employees’ back exit, and walked back in the front door.

“Haruta, why aren’t you leaving?” His male coworker was surprised.

“I’m meeting someone here.”

“Haha, I know, it’s a date, right?” Seiji’s coworker instantly had an expression of “I understand,” saying “our store’s sweets are quite good…… but I think instead that you should let her see you hard at work, girls like that sort of thing, and you look good in your uniform, even if I don’t want to admit it, haha.”

“She’s not my girlfriend, Tanaka-senpai.” Seiji smiled wryly.

Tanaka-senpai, as well as all his other coworkers, they were all nice people, but they liked to joke around too much.

“Oh, so she’s your future girlfriend. Relax, we’ll all help you out, if you need some special service, ask away!” Tanaka winked at him, then went to help some other customers.

Seiji could only helplessly smile, and he went and sat down at a window seat, and rested his chin on his hand.

“Hey…… that boy over there is quite handsome.”

“Where? Oh, yeah, that one, he looks like he could be a television star.”

“He must be waiting for his girlfriend, how nice~ I also want a boyfriend like that……”

Some new customers walked in, and Seiji Haruta’s excellent sense of hearing overheard them whispering about him.

With his physical ability constantly increasing, Seiji discovered that his sight, hearing, and other senses, all seemed to become sharper.

Especially sight, as an otaku, his sight was rather weak before, but with the exercise options, his sight has obviously improved, to the point where he no longer even needed glasses.

This is no longer at the extent of “exercise,” isn’t this more like “cultivation!”

Seiji looked quite forward to just what he could become as his stats kept increasing. Not only that, right now he’s only grinding his physical ability stat, and it already has such an effect, so what will happen if he improves his others?

Just imagining what he could do in the future, his lips reflexively tilted upward.

“Look look, he’s smiling~”

“He must be thinking about his girlfriend, how nice, he must really love her, how lucky~”


Hey hey hey, that last sound was the sound of a camera phone, right? It must have been! Comments are fine, but don’t just take pictures without permission, maybe he should sue for infringing his privacy rights!

Seiji’s face darkened.

“And you insist that you’re not waiting for your girlfriend, you’re just sitting there smiling stupidly at nothing, it’s intolerable.” Tanaka brought him a menu.

“Just give me a glass of orange juice.”

“Everyone is curious who you’re waiting for, so tell us, oh, the store manager also says, if you’re willing to let us know, she’ll give you a free tiramisu cake.”

Seiji’s face darkened even more.

“I won’t do that, besides, won’t you find out anyways just by waiting?”

“Hmph, stingy.”

Was that stingy? Was it?

Just as Seiji was wondering that to himself, a familiar person walked into the store.

It was Mika Uehara.

She was still in her school uniform, she was lovely and cute, with a well-developed figure filled with the sexiness of youth, she’s an above average beauty.

But, compared to the one that came in right after her, the spotlight was completely stolen away.

The next girl was wearing the same school uniform, and her long black hair reached her waist, she had snow-white skin, sensual eyes, red lips, a full chest to the point where it seemed like the school uniform was about to rip, and her butt was also prominent, in combination with her short skirt and black stockings, everything about her was the highest level of “sexiness!”

But the girl who had such a sexy* body, she had a clear untainted face, and a righteous expression, her eyes had a sharp gaze to them that would stop any male from thinking impure thoughts, it was as if she had an aura of pureness around her.

But the most important thing was, this girl, in her hand, was a short sword in a black and scarlet scabbard – according to Seiji’s memories of his past life’s manga, this sword was called a kodachi!

Hey hey, isn’t having a sword in public against weapons controls laws? Seiji commented mentally to himself.

Beautiful, cool, righteous, and…… something seems off about her.

This was the first impression that Seiji Haruta had of the “student council president.”

Mika Uehara looked around the shop, and instantly found Seiji, smiled at him, and walked on over.

The student council president also met Seiji’s eyes, and her eyes opened up in clear surprise.

“Seiji, did you wait long?”

“Not at all, I was only waiting a little while.”

He got up to welcome the two girls and lead them to their seats, when he discovered that the table he was at had become the center of attention for the entire store.

Not only were many customers watching in stunned amazement, even Tanaka and the other employees were standing still in surprise.

It took quite a while for time to begin turning in the store again.

“That girl is so beautiful! But why is she carrying a sword?”

“Even though that sword seems to suit her appearance, but it’s still a little weird……”

“The other one is quite cute as well…… by the way, which one is his girlfriend?”

Everyone was whispering to each other.

“Seiji, this is my school’s student council president, she……” Mika Uehara began an introduction.

“My name, is Natsuya Yoruhana.” The black-haired girl suddenly interrupted and looked directly at Seiji, with an indescribable light in her eyes.

“I almost became your fiancée, Seiji Haruta.”


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