The Undetectable Strongest Job: Rule Breaker – Episode 56 – What “Heaven” Means

What “Heaven” Means

First things first. Soul Rank. Hikaru’s level had gone up after taking down the giant. So did Lavia, but judging by the numbers, Hikaru got more “experience points”.

【Soul Board】Hikaru
Age:15  Rank: 41

【Soul Board】Lavia
Age:14  Rank: 29

His rank was now over forty. Being low-rank, Lavia should’ve gotten more levels, but the gap in their ranks didn’t shorten much, which meant Hikaru most likely earned much of the exp – that included points he got from killing the King and a bunch of Dead Nobles.

「First I need to check the new Skill that popped up.」

With the new Skill, right now his stats were as follows:

【Soul Board】Hikaru
Age: 15   Rank: 41


【Magical Power】

【Physical Strength】
….【Weapon Mastery】
….【Throwing】10 (MAX)
……【Heaven Shot】0

..【Power Burst】2
….【Life Obfuscation】4
….【Mana Obfuscation】4
……【Assassination】3 (MAX)
….【Group Obfuscation】4

….【Life Detection】1
….【Mana Detection】3
……【Mana Detection Expansion】1

He was curious about Heaven Shot.

【Heaven Shot】A Skill that reaches the domain of God, a being who controls divine providence. Lose a part of what makes one human. Max: 5.

「It doesn’t really give me any clue as to what it is exactly.」

Compared to the other Skills, it was rather disturbing. The description included words like “domain of God” and “lose”.

「All of a sudden the term “God” shows up. Then again, given that the Soul Board and guild cards might be related, it’s actually strange that the word didn’t appear until now. So what happens if I put five points on it?」

So far only Lawrence, the captain of the knights, had a Skill with “Heaven” on it. Looking back, his skill with the sword did feel godly.

「Did Lawrence “lose” something?」

He wanted to ask the man directly.

「It’s annoying being in the dark. It kinda pisses me off.」

The “Shot” in Heaven Shot bothered him as well. If he maxed Bow, would a new Skill appear called Heaven Bow?

Lawrence had six points on Great Sword, a point on Heaven Sword, and only three points on Sword. Would Sword, Short Sword, and Great Sword, all have the same Heaven Sword as an advanced Skill? It made sense. In that case, Short Spear and Long Spear would have Heaven Spear. Heaven Shot for both Throwing and Bow, and then Heaven Guard for Shield and Armor?

「I have nine points which should be enough to check one to confirm my theory… but I don’t really feel like it. If I take the description literally, I might actually lose my humanity.」

For now, he decided to forget about the “Heaven” Skills.

「Next is Throwing.」

The description of his maxed stat was as follows:

【Throwing】Increase the accuracy of hitting a target with a thrown object. Max: 10.

It was straight to the point, although a bit different from the other weapon descriptions under Weapon Mastery.

【Sword】Provides a buff when wielding a sword. Max: 10.

The other weapons were about “wielding”, while Throwing was about “accuracy”. Although ultimately, the result might be the same. As for Sniping…

【Sniping】When firing a projectile at a target unnoticed, the attack will have a lethal buff. Max: 3.

It was similar to Assassination with regard to attacking a target unnoticed. This raised a question: If he maxed out Assassination, would Throwing have a lethal effect?

Hikaru was torn between two strategies: First was to rely on brute strength and strike his enemy with high-level Strength and Throwing. The second was to put more points on Sniping or Instinct and strategically take down his target.

The former’s benefit was that by raising his Strength, it would be a lot easier to carry luggage around. As for the latter… I suppose the fact that it requires brains makes it good.

He’d probably turn brawny if he put more points on Strength. Case in point: Lawrence, who had 16 points on it, was incredibly muscular.

「A situation might arise where I would have to forget about looks, though.」

He had a few options on how to spend his points.

First: Max out the rest of his Stealth-related Skills. He would have to spend three points for Life, Mana, and Group Obfuscation. Including Sniping, that would be a total of six points.

「This is all based on the idea that I might gain another job class if I maxed out Stealth… But that’s all too RPG-like.」

What if like Heaven Shot, I would end up having to lose something? No, wait. I don’t even know if Heaven Sword has the same description.

Second: Put more points on Strength and Stamina and get strong physically.

Third: Magic. With nine points, he could learn a fairly powerful spell.

Fourth: Learn art-related Skills. But branching out into a completely different Skill Set at this stage seemed like a waste.

Fifth: Pour all points into Instinct. He knew how useful it was. If he maxed Detection Expansion, he should be able to avoid all sorts of danger.


He was having trouble deciding. When they were attacked by the giant, he didn’t hesitate to put all his points to Throwing.

「I guess humans can’t quite make decisions unless they’re cornered. Seeing all these points is enough to make me hesitate.」

Hikaru put his Soul Board away.

「If there’s one more problem, it’s this.」

His guild card. After clearing the dungeon, he gained a few more job classes.

Assassination God: Night Stalker2
Stealth God: Darkness Wanderer2
Throwing God: Dead Shot2
Ordinary Chaos God: Eye of the Storm3
Woods Strolling God: Forest Walker4
Labyrinth Exploring God: Dungeon Walker4
Heaven Searching God: Sinner4
Ordinary Town Night Burglar God: Town Thief6
Wide Area City, Town, and Village People Rescue God: Civilian10


He had one thing to say.

「What’s this Sinner class?」

Dead Shot he could understand. Basically always hitting one’s mark. Nothing strange about Dungeon Walker either. Although he was clueless as to what kind of blessing he would get from it. But Sinner? What gives?

「Heaven Searching… Is it related to Heaven Shot?」

Having read Heaven Shot’s description, he had no intention of using the job class.

Hikaru remembered he hadn’t actually tried Eye of the Storm before. He had a feeling he’d cause some sort of an incident if he did. I’ll try it one day.

「God, huh… Giants, gods’ soldiers… the mysterious energy called holy mana… that dragon. It talked to me. What was it? Just like that, more mysteries.」

He didn’t know if there would ever come a day when he would solve these mysteries. He might, however, get hold of useful information if he went to Scholarzard.

It wasn’t like he had to solve them, either. He had no reason to. But…

「My curiosity’s killing me…」he said. 「This is such an exciting world.」he muttered before going back to bed.

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