The Undetectable Strongest Job: Rule Breaker – Episode 63 – Resolve


They spent the rest of the day buying beddings and tableware for the two of them. For dinner, they bought food at a stall for take-out and ate in their new home. Lavia looked really happy as they had dinner at their table.

This looks like…

Nighttime. Hikaru watched Lavia as she slept, wrapped in their newly-bought sheets.

…we’re a married couple.

They’ve left Ponsonia, but Lavia showed no signs of leaving Hikaru. Nothing had changed since the day she said she didn’t mind if they weren’t on equal standing. He didn’t know what to do.

They were still young – fifteen and fourteen years old – but they did the deed. Lavia even acted like she belonged to Hikaru.

I wonder if she changes her mind once we attend classes in the academy…

Lavia, who spent most of her life locked up indoors, was finally free only recently. It would be cruel in a sense if he told her to do what she wanted. She wouldn’t know how to live her life just yet. She might even have to rely on someone else for a while. Hikaru felt sick just thinking about how she would depend on someone else. So he thought they should try to live a relaxing life for now.

In fact, that is part of the reason why he decided to go to the academy. Lavia would eventually figure out how to live her life if they took it easy.

Would I recover though if she said she’s leaving me?

He wasn’t so sure he would.

Gotta stop thinking about these things. I should stop telling her that she’s free over and over again as well.

——Life will be rough for you. You may be clever, but you’re also reckless. Someday, somewhere, you might just die unexpectedly.

He still remembered those words even now. Strangely enough, he didn’t feel bothered. He was arrogant, but before Hazuki, his arrogance would all but vanish.

「Senpai… Like you said, I died unexpectedly.」

——I knew it. My hunches are always right.

「But I came to another world and am enjoying life right now. Although I’m still arrogant, apparently.」

——You’re fine the way you are.

Not looking him in the eyes, Hazuki gazed at an empty space, and smiled. So far. She felt close yet so far back then; he could touch her if he only stretched out his hands, yet he couldn’t close the distance. And he was fine with that. He was satisfied with just watching her, forever out of reach. He believed she felt the same way.

——You should find… Hikaru.

「What was that? I couldn’t quite catch what you said.」

——You should………

「Hazuki-senpai? Hazuki-sen…」

He woke up with a start. Dawn was breaking. Hikaru noticed his body had gone stiff and heaved a deep sigh.

I hadn’t dreamed of Japan in a while and it ends like this… The nostalgia, though… Hazuki-senpai…

He cocked his head, puzzled.

Wait, I don’t recall her saying those last words… I should make what?

「Hmm… Hikaru?」

Lavia woke up as well, stretching her body. Not only did they have a wide terrace, there was a skylight above too. The sun had not risen yet, but the room was already bright.

Lavia stared blankly at Hikaru, perhaps because he grasped her hand.

「…So warm.」

And soft as well. Sleeping with Lavia had felt so natural to him that he’d taken it for granted, perhaps because they’ve been together ever since he saved her.

Before then, he was all alone.

He was emotionally distant from his parents. He didn’t make a lot of friends. He couldn’t even reach and touch Hazuki.

I think I know what she means…

He suddenly realized what Hazuki was trying to say.

I should find people I could trust from the bottom of my heart.

「You’re acting weird, Hikaru. Why the serious look so early in the morning? Worrying too much is one of your bad habits, you know.」

Lavia closed in and gave him a soft, gentle kiss.



Someday. He thought he would know when that day would come.

That day won’t come if I just wait. If I don’t make a move, that day will surely never come. I always had the opportunity, but all I did was put it off.

「Wh-What’s wrong, Hikaru? Feeling exhausted?」

「I’m sure you’re wondering how I make myself disappear, or rather, how I hide myself from others.」


Hikaru began opening up about his secret. Lavia looked surprised.

「You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.」Lavia said.

「I always knew I had to tell you someday. But the truth is, it didn’t really matter. I could’ve told you anytime if I wanted to.」

「And you’re saying now is the right time?」


「Why now?」

「I don’t know. But will you listen to what I have to say?」

Quietly, Lavia sat up straight.


Hikaru felt deeply grateful to her for giving him her full attention.

「All right, here we go. Where do I start? I guess from the top. Hmm… Let’s begin from when I met Roland N. Zaracia in the realm of the departed.」

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