The Undetectable Strongest Job: Rule Breaker – Episode 74 – Duel with Roy

Duel with Roy

Since they couldn’t swing weapons around in the middle of the street, they returned to the academy. A few people were present in the campus grounds, but none really paid them any attention.

Hikaru faced Roy. They were surrounded by six young men, Mikhail, and Mille.

「You’ll be using dull weapons. Anything goes. Any objections?」Mikhail said.

「None!」Roy shouted.

「Fine by me.」Hikaru added.

Roy and Hikaru nodded. Healers who could mend fatal wounds were constantly on standby in the academy. But there was no cure for an instant death.

「Hikaru, got a minute?」Mille approached Hikaru.

「What is it?」

「This duel is stupid. I told you about the strengths and weaknesses of the short sword. It’s not suited for a head-on fight.」

「I know that. But I just can’t let him get away with mocking the tavern.」

「I really don’t understand what makes you mad, but okay.」

「It’ll be fine. Please stand back. I want to end this quick before more people arrive.」

「Be careful, okay? We have classes tomorrow.」

「Professor Mille…」

She’s changed the past few days. She was actually starting to look forward to class. Hikaru was impressed.

「I can’t drink for free without you.」

「Please give me back my sentiments.」

「What are you talking about?」

「It’s nothing. Forget it.」

「All right, Hikaru! Let’s begin!」Mikhail yelled.

「Give me a minute.」

Hikaru performed a few stretches to loosen his muscles.

「What are you doing?」the professor asked.

「Stretching.」Hikaru answered.

「Hey, isn’t he that dude who always runs around?」

「Ah, you’re right. I’ve seen those strange poses.」

「But damn, Professor Mille looks hot as always.」

「I know, right? If she didn’t teach short swords, I’d attend her classes.」

Hikaru could hear the other men talking. Hot? How is she hot? Hikaru thought as he finished his stretches.


「Were you trying to scare me with your strange dancing? Let’s get this started already. I’ll show you just how strong I am.」

Roy readied his great sword. Hikaru could see the tip shaking.

Right. He doesn’t have much Strength.


Hikaru held his short sword he used for training in his right hand. Straight and double-edged, it was different from the ones he regularly used.


Hikaru took the challenge partly because Roy mocked Three Cheers for Booze. But he had another reason as well. He wanted to test just how much he’s mastered the things Mille taught him.

If he fought Mikhail again, he would have to use his Stealth’s full potential. He didn’t know if the things he learned would be effective then. Roy was the perfect test subject. Hikaru was pretty much an amateur, but so was his opponent.

With a battle cry, Roy stepped forward. He held his sword above his head, about to swing it down.

Whoa, whoa. Mikhail taught him this? He’s full of openings, even a kid can dodge this.

Hikaru glanced at Mikhail. The professor was face-palming. Apparently, Roy wasn’t applying what Mikhail taught in class. With a twist of the body, Hikaru dodged the attack easily.

Keep movement at minimum…

Hikaru kicked the ground.

「That one was just a warm-up!」This time Roy tried an upward swing.「Huh?」

But Hikaru was already gone.

Use your ankles and knees to absorb shock so you don’t make a sound. Make your body one with the wind…

Hikaru circled behind Roy. His opponent staggered; his body could not keep up from the weight of his weapon.

He doesn’t see me. I should say something so I don’t activate my Assassination Skill.

Mille watched with wide, open eyes.



Roy fell forward, letting go of his sword, as he was kicked from behind.

「That’s enough!」Mikhail stopped the fight.

「Wh-Why’d you stop the match, Professor?! I can still fight!」Roy protested as he got up.

「You fool!!!」Mikhail’s voice echoed in the distance. It was so loud, Hikaru’s ears were ringing.

「You already dropped your weapon, you idiot! Hikaru kicked you when he could’ve used his sword. In other words, he went easy on you.」

「Guh…」Roy hung his head low.

Damn, my ears hurt. Did it go… well? I can’t really tell since Roy is too weak.

「Hikaru-kun, that was different from what I taught you.」Mille said.

「What? Really? I guess I can’t really master it in just a short span.」

I thought I did well, but I guess not…

「No, I mean it in a good way!」

「Good way?」

「You did what I was going to teach you. You concealed your presence.」


「You’re full of mysteries. You have nerves of steel for an amateur and you have a good feel on things.」

「Walking around while concealing my presence has become a habit of mine…」

「What was that?」

「It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.」

Mille eyed him suspiciously. His movements in that fight were based on what he learned from the professor. To top if off, he was experienced in using Stealth. His body was in the ideal condition. All he had to do then was execute his moves properly.

「Professor Mikhail! I want to go next!」

「No, me!」

「Me! I can’t sit around while he mocks the way of the great sword!」

The students raised their hands one by one, feeling fired up after witnessing Roy’s loss.

「What do you say, Hikaru?」Mikhail asked, smiling.

His movements might have been a mere coincidence. It would be long before he could fully master them. Mille seemed to know exactly what he did and Mikhail as well, most likely. In fact his face was saying “I think he used a much crazier move during our fight.”

Hikaru wanted his body to remember the current sensation. Mock fights with the other students would be perfect for that. He checked their Soul Boards. They were stronger than Roy, and one of them even had a point on Great Sword.

「All right, sure.」

「You heard him. Isn’t that great?」

The students nooded, eyes glaring. The men from Jarazack were especially fired up.

「Oh, before I forget.」Hikaru said as Roy was starting to leave.「Roy, you better apologize to the barkeeper first.」


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