The Undetectable Strongest Job: Rule Breaker – Episode 77 – Green Ogre Parent and Child Conversation

Green Ogre Parent and Child Conversation

How can I describe this tense atmosphere? The butler stood in a corner. Heavy pressure. Maids were on standby in the hallway so they’d be ready to bring tea any time. Even during summer, he felt a chill go down his spine.

At the center of the room, League sat with a cool expression on his face as always. But if one looked closer, they would notice the tip of his fingertips shaking as he reached for the cup of tea. They would see his eyes trembling as they watched the man before him.

「You seem to be stuck in a humdrum routine.」the man said.

His voice was heavy as a boulder and sounded indifferent. He sat backlit by the sunlight from the window. His name was Billion “Green Ogre” Rumania, League’s father, and the head of the most powerful clan in their nation. The only thing they had in common was their green eyes and green hair. The man had a massive build, with rather rough facial features.

「How about you quit the academy?」


「I know, I know. We had an agreement when you enrolled. You’ll attend for two years. But you haven’t accomplished anything these past few months, haven’t you?」

「There’s no shortcut to studying.」

「I don’t like taking things slow. Listen, League. We’re of the Green Ogre clan, the ones who will carry Rumania on their backs. Our founding father who received the blood of the Phoenix holds a heavy responsibility to our nation.」

A Rumanian lore passed down by generations. Once there was the Phoenix clan who gave life to Rumania. After falling in war, the Green Ogre took the helm and Rumania survived.

League had heard the story countless times. The story ended like this: those who inherited the blood of the proud Green Ogres should be at the top of Rumania.

「I fully understand, Father. That’s why I’m here. I’ll be back after winter next year. I will then follow you afterwards.」

「Winter is long. And it’s a crucial season for us.」

Forestia’s long winters were the political season. Important matters were decided during this time.

「I want you to be back before winter.」

「But Father!」

「What can you do staying in a town like this during winter?」

「But we have our agreement!」

「It’s decided. If you don’t like it, I can vacate this place at once.」

League gritted his teeth in frustration. His father had educated him since he was young, but his private tutor taught him about a different world. Not the one where Rumania governed Forestia…

If all seven nations joined hands, we’ll have a much more wonderful Forestia. Don’t you agree?

This spurred League into action. He wished for a Forestia where nations didn’t snarl at each other, where everyone could forget grudges and work together for a brighter future. If he managed to build such a place, something might actually change. They wouldn’t have to be afraid of great powers like Ponsonia and Quinbland.

His private tutor was from Kotobi and only pretended to be Rumanian. He was deported as soon as he got exposed, but his teachings remained in League’s mind.

League had to leave his father’s side in order to implement his ideas. He bought himself time – two years. After that, he would start acting like a proper heir. That was the agreement he had with his father. The man had grown frustrated with his son for not being aware of his position as the heir to the Green Ogre clan, and when League came to make the deal, his father was delighted.

Two more years… No, I have to be back before winter so that’s one and a half years. What can I do during that time? How many friends from the other nations can I make before then?

He was starting to feel impatient. The truth was he didn’t have the time to be going out to a café with girls, but they were observers sent by his father. He had to keep them company and somehow deceive them.

「That reminds me. League, have you heard anything about the war between Ponsonia and Quinbland?」his father asked in a delighted tone, having reduced League’s time in the academy by half a year.

「Yes. I heard the Ponsonian troops are advancing.」

「That’s right. Captain Lawrence himself is fighting in the front lines. He apparently mowed down Quinbland’s cavalry. He may be a Master Swordsman, but our own captain is much stronger.」

By “our” he meant Rumania, not Forestia. The title “Captain” had been around since more than a century ago. Publicly, he was the leader of Billion’s private army.

How can your guy be stronger when Lawrence is well-known even outside of Ponsonia? League kept his thoughts to himself though. He didn’t want to ruin his father’s good mood.

If he said it out loud, the man would only say “You don’t know anything” and “You’ll know whether you like it or not once you start working with me”. He knew that all too well, based on experience.

「But before Ponsonia could occupy Quinbland’s suburbs, their troops retreated.」


League expected Ponsonia to force their way through and expand their territory. They would then enter a ceasefire with Quinbland and there would be stability in the next few years. In the meantime, he would bring Forestia together.

「Did Quinbland do something?」

「I don’t know. We don’t have any information about what happened.」

「What did the Prime Minister say?」

「That witch, huh? She insists she doesn’t know anything. But I’m not buying it. Something’s fishy ever since they dealt with our man.」

「”Man”… you mean the seven representatives with the queen?」

League was talking about the political advisers that served Queen Marquedo.

「No. I meant a spy.」

「…What? A spy?」

「Right, I haven’t told you about it. I sent a spy to gather information on Her Majesty.」


League was about to rise to his feet. What his father did was a serious breach of trust. But he managed to stay calm.

Billion chuckled.「I like how you’re always composed.」he said as he gave a smirk.

His father was testing him, thinking he wouldn’t be fit to lead the clan if he would lose his cool at every little thing.

Though he wouldn’t put it past his father to actually send someone to spy on the queen – his father who believed that Rumania was supreme and Rumania should lead Forestia.

「Good luck with your studies.」

Billion stood up and left.

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