The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 39

I pierced a square piece of melon with the fork and carried it to my mouth. I reacted to the smell that wasn’t too sweet. What a smell. As expected of a luxury good.

I quietly held it in my mouth. What a taste! It was such a shock as if a fighter seriously punched my jaw. It’s impossibly delicious.

This is something the head chef was proud of. I thought I would like to eat it at home, but when asked, the head chef replied. With a regretful expression… He knitted his brows.

“This article is so valuable only royalty can eat it. Not many can be harvested, one of them is worth several months of a regular person’s salary…”

Crap, it was such a valuable item! I decided to savor the rest slowly. Ah, delicious!

I stabbed a piece with the fork and imitated Calcilast-sama. I said “Say aah.” Calcilast-sama was taken aback, but then recovered and bit into it. Munch munch. Then he said “Thank you, Marikana, as expected, the taste is different from usual”

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