The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 02

We got up from our chairs and moved to enjoy the night wind. Nervously, I walked alongside him. I stared blankly at the hand suddenly presented to me.

Calcilast-sama asked with a smile perfect like a doll’s “Let’s hold hands so we won’t get separated. I want to touch you even if a little. Is it hopeless?”

When I replied “Not at all… with pleasure!” to the handsome man, Calcilast-sama said “I’m glad” and we joined hands. Besides his hand being large, I felt his strong will in it.

My white dress is fluttering while I’m following him. Calcilast-sama is gently leading me. I wonder if he likes me? Or is there some other reason?

Passing by the Royal Family and servants, we arrived at the balcony. The night view seen from here is wonderful. It’s as if glittering jewels are scattered across the night sky.

Calcilast-sama, still holding my hand, brought me closer and spoke “The scenery seen from the castle is wonderful, isn’t it? For me, Marikana is above it”

I’m startled. A wave of happiness washed over my heart. It’s an indescribable emotion. I feel content… With how lovely Calcilast-sama is to me, he might not condemn me. That’s why, I want to stay beside him for a long time a little. That’s how I feel.

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