The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 03

Calcilast-sama asked “How was today’s party”, when I heard that I replied “I was happy to be at Calcilast-sama’s side. I wish it would last forever… That’s how I feel…”.

When I said that, Calcilast-sama gently embraced me. His unexpectedly muscular body surprised me. I felt safe in his arms. I wish time would stop like this…

I wonder whether this feeling is love. I looked at Calcilast-sama with miserable expression.

I wonder what I am to Calcilast-sama. Is he just acting like this because I’m his fiancée? Is it just a whim? Inside me anxiety swells.

Then Calcilast-sama separated from me, pointed at the sky and said “Marikana. It’s a shooting star.” I’m worried about my palms sweating. Because, it might make him dislike me…

Calcilast-sama said “Let’s make a wish. I have already decided, but…”. His almond-shaped eyes are looking at the night sky.

Rather than looking at the night sky, I wish he would look at me. I’m anxious you’re looking at something else. I wish I wasn’t a mob character with no worth for Calcilast-sama.

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