The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 04

It’s as if a needle pierced my chest. Calcilast-sama was startled to see me like this. Then he threw these words.

“Marikana, why are you crying!? Ah, don’t cry my beloved Marikana… When you cry my heart is about to burst. My precious, precious treasure…”

After hugging me more tightly, he separated a bit, being told “Marikana, close your eyes…” a sweet breath tickled my forehead and something soft touched the corner of my eye. It seems it stopped my tears.

I secretly opened my eyes, touching them were soft, jelly-like Calcilast-sama’s lips.

I hurriedly closed my eyes to avoid being exposed. Calcilast-sama cherishes me, right? He wouldn’t do that to just anyone, right?

Calcilast-sama said “Open your eyes, Marikana. And show me your angelic smile”

I nervously opened my eyes. Just like a child being punished.

Calcilast-sama showed me a perfect smile. His handsome face would make any woman fascinated. It’s unrivaled.

I stared at Calcilast-sama fixedly. I thought he might kiss me again… But was that a kiss? Is it a thing he’d do to anyone? My heart was surging like stormy seas.

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