The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 06

I feel Calcilast-sama who hides his true feelings is despicable. Does he speak so skillfully to the girls who surround him?

No, he’s not that cruel. He’s a gentleman. That’s what my heart says. That’s right, looking back he’s never displayed such behavior, I’ve never heard any strange rumors either…

Then, when I raised my sight from the ground to Calcilast-sama, I saw his anxious face.

I don’t know what he’s thinking about, but while still crouching, he turned his back to me and said, with his expression impossible to see from here.

“Please let me carry you on my back. Now, quickly…”

I’m surprised a prince of the whole country would do such a thing. Is it a performance? In my heart I was doubtful, but I quietly climbed on his back. His back was wider than I expected. Then he said.

“I will take you to a guest room immediately. I’ll arrange an excellent doctor at once! Moreover, don’t get on backs of men other than me. Marikana. I’ll punish any men who’ll do such a thing!”

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