The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 07

I wonder if I am loved. Or is it just my misunderstanding? The Royal Family was taken aback by me going back to a room on the prince’s back.

The guests were also gazing at us in wonderment. I informed them I was feeling unwell, left the hall and we proceeded down the hallway. Evenly spaced lights created shadows of us two.

I asked him. I thought I couldn’t inconvenience him anymore. Emerald, deep-pile carpet stretched endlessly.

“Calcilast-sama, I would feel ashamed of troubling you any more. Let me down…”

Calcilast-sama spoke as if to cover what I said. His breathing is rough. Because of me…

“You are my treasure. Even if I cannot protect you… or save you… I’ll devote my whole life to you. That’s my conviction”

I replied “I’m sorry, but, I’m happy. For my sake… to declare so…” and seemed to cry a little, perhaps noticing it, Calcilast-sama said “Please don’t cry, my beloved Marikana…”

His kind words and back warmed my heart. As if it was overflowing with happiness.

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