The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 09

After that, we proceeded towards the guest room. It must be my imagination that we’re taking a roundabout route… There’s no reason to, right. I’m sure it’s my imagination.

I’m gazing at Calcilast-sama’s golden hair that’s like gold coins or gold ingots. I wonder why it’s so beautiful… It’s more lustrous than women’s hair. I’m jealous…

I asked Calcilast-sama who was still carrying me. I considered it was so gorgeous he could refuse me.

“Calcilast-sama… Could I touch your hair? It’s so beautiful…”

For some reason he got startled. Then he said these words. No way, will the punchline be it’s a wig? I can only see it as his natural hair. It seems he’s thinking.

“I do not mind, but please do it gently… I’m nervous…”

I gently lifted hair on the back of Calcilast-sama’s head with one hand. It’s silky. It’s like high class threads. For some reason Calcilast-sama let out a weak “Hauu…”

He might be weak against his hair being touched. I found a surprising weak point. I gently stroked his blond hair. Calcilast-sama continued with “Auu…”. I wonder if I’ve overdone it…

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