The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 10

I spoke to Calcilast-sama as he was walking down a high-class carpet that’s possibly foreign-made. My eyes are still enraptured by his blond hair.

“Am I not heavy? I’m worried that I’m a bother… Is everything alright?”

Then, Calcilast-sama turned his head and spoke to me. The tone of his voice was somewhat familiar.

“That won’t do. As far as I can see, I need no rest… That’s how I feel”

Does Calcilast-sama has such a thorough knowledge of medicine? Is he at the level where he can understand just by looking…? I wonder if there’s perhaps another reason. He spoke.

“Marika isn’t heavy at all! You’re light as a feather. Please don’t worry. It’s a little chilly today. Could you cling closer to me? Like that, we’ll warm each other… I have no ulterior motives… It’s true!”

I could not understand where his idea came from, but I stuck closely to him. Warm. It feels like taking a bath. I wonder if that’s an exaggeration.

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