The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 100

“Marikana is an adult, huh. You’re not perturbed even when holding hands with the prince. Isn’t that right?”

After staring at him in wonder, I replied.

“No, it’s a little… err, somewhat… no, fairly…”

Calcilast-sama loudly laughed “Ahaha”. I wonder if I did something clumsy?

After that, we advanced at a steady pace again. I wish we had no destination…

Even if I were to be reborn again… I’d want it to be in this game’s world… surely.

Calcilast-sama is humming. I wonder if his mood is rising?

Be, because he’s holding hands with me? I’d be delighted if it’s the case.

But is it actually the truth… Thanks to my pessimism I’m not sure.

The song Calcilast-sama is humming is certainly that song. Popular group’s… Huh, is it wrong?

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