The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 105

My stomach replied before I managed to answer. Guu…

Calcilast-sama laughed “Hahaha” and returned a little smile.

“Then, let’s eat. It’s my treat”

We lined up in the queue to the crepe shop. Other customers rushed to make way.

After all, Calcilast-sama’s effect is as expected. Well, he is a prince.

Calcilast-sama threw these words “Please don’t worry, we’ll line up”

A girl with her hair gathered with a red ribbon is gazing at Calcilast-sama’s beautiful form in admiration.

I no longer want crepe. The prince smiled sweetly with his eyes partly closed and corners of his mouth raised.

I feel angry. Stupid, stupid, your opponent is a child?

Be firm, me. Don’t be agitated by something of that degree.

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