The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 106

Yellow batter is cooked on a round iron plate. Smoke is rising slightly.

It’s a type of crepe shop that sells from a car. Oh, sliced strawberries and cream are placed on it then it’s wrapped up.

A customer gladly paid and walked away.

Yup, looks delicious. I recalled the taste and smell of eating crepes.

It’s very sweet, however it’s addicting.

Crepes are mysterious. Ah, I’m drooling…

After all eating while walking is nice. Moreover, I’m together with Calcilast-sama.

Another person walked away with crepe in hand.

It’s quite prosperous place. I wonder if it’s their shrewdness or brilliant ability?

A secret flavor? My expectations are rising. Ah, I want to eat it soon.

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