The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 107

Calcilast-sama ominously said “It might get sold before it’s our turn…”

I confidently stated “It’s okay! We’ll definitely eat them!”

I’m a glutton. Even though I’m a young lady…

It’s wonderful how good at cooking the batter the shopkeeper is. He’s doing it quickly and smoothly.

I wonder if he mastered the technique.

As we approach the shop, a pleasant smell wafts our way… It’s like a beckoning cat1.

Just what flavor do I want, I wonder? Is it chocolate banana or strawberry cream.

My stomach howled like a stray dog.

There there, we’re almost there. Endure, persevere.

A young lady being delighted over a crepe…. It feels a little, just a little sad… Right?


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