The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 11

I feel he likes it very much when I rub my face against his large back. I wonder if he’s exercising to be so muscular. I love such Calcilast-sama.

I want to stay beside him even if a little longer… I want to touch him even if a little longer… It’s the most important encounter of my life. I’ll treasure this incident.

Would he mourn me if I died? Still, there’s still some time left to ride Calcilast-sama like a bicycle.

I feel this will be an irreplaceable memory when I grow older… A precious memory of only the two of us…

I continued the conversation with Calcilast-sama, who was advancing step by step on the luxurious carpet. It looks as if the stars we can see outside the window are blessing us. They seem to be smiling…

“Calcilast-sama, have you carried people on your back before? You seem used to it… Such as other ladies…”

At my distrustful question, Calcilast-sama’s ear twitched. After all it’s like that. I guess there is a woman more important than me… Liar…

For some reason, Calcilast-sama kept laughing ‘fufufu’. It’s like he’s laughing reminiscing something. What kind of memory is it?

“Marikana, have you completely forgotten? That memory… I’m sad…”

My brain ran at the full speed. As if stepping on the accelerator with no brakes. But I can’t remember. My mouth opened, then closed… Calcilast-sama hasn’t said anything else about it.

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