The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 111

Sadness and anxiety occupy me, mixed like a café au lait. No, no…

Ah, even though I was in a mood for crepe just now…

My body trembled out of the anxiety for the future.

Marikana, calm down. It will be fine. Don’t feel so down.

Calcilast-sama is a faithful and honest person. You know that, right?

The two aspects of myself collided. As if they’re in discord.

Glimpsing at Calcilast-sama, I could see him considering with a “Hmm…”

No, no way, he’s still worrying about the crepe choice?

I desperately endured bursting into laughter.

I can’t laugh. It’d be impolite. I must be expressionless like a Noh mask.

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