The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 113

I think I’d want money back… Tuna mayo belongs in rice balls after all.

However, should I have tuna mayo rice balls cooked for the lunch next time, I wonder?

Then, I noticed Calcilast-sama staring at me. Eh, wha, what?

Calcilast-sama asked “Does Marikana like tuna mayo rice balls?”

Wawa, I let out such a voice. Calcilast-sama’s hair flowed freely in the wind.

I answered vaguely saying something noncommittal.

Tuna mayo rice balls being a favorite dish of a sheltered lady? How would that look?

I understand it could become a comedy material… but I like them.

Would it feel like I was aiming to pretend to be an ordinary person?

A, achoo! Ah, I sneezed. It was a little loud, like middle-aged man’s.

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