The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 115

When I looked up, the prince with his eyes closed rubbed his face on my head.

He looks like a cat emotionally attached to its owner. I wonder if he’ll meow?

Then he looked at me blankly, and loudly laughed.

The customers are sneaking peeks at us. I’m not meeting their eyes.

They are getting interested in something they shouldn’t.

Not caring about that, Calcilast-sama squeezed me and rubbed against me.

I wonder if these are his true feelings. If that’s the case, I’d feel like jumping in joy.

Calcilast-sama is intimate as always. I wonder if he’s getting excited?

It’s not bad to see Calcilast-sama being happy.

Fundamentally, he’s a gentleman and a kind person… He wants to cheer me on.

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