The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 120

My train of thought that turns unclear is annoying. I must be firm.

Ah, how much time has passed today.

Being with Calcilast-sama, it’s felt like an instant. I’m like an old woman…

Well, that’s not bad either. As long as I can be with my beloved person.

I’ve noticed a middle-aged woman holding crepes in both her hands and chomping on them alternatively.

Her braid is swaying. She sure likes them.

Certainly, they are delicious, but…

Ah, she finished eating. She tossed away the wrapping, or rather the packaging.

However, her aim was off and it landed on the cobblestone, she picked it up and threw away.

Then, intending to eat again, she went to the end of the queue. What an amazing appetite!

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