The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 123

We advanced in the queue considerably. “Shall we”, with these words Calcilast-sama stared at the signboard.

Finally, the time has come to confront crepes.

Before my eyes is a mobile shop in a car. The sweet smell of crepes occupies the surroundings.

It’s just like there are tens of thousands troops. They’re attacking with sweet food… They’re a formidable enemy.

Calcilast-sama took out something out of his leather wallet and said.

“I would like the chocolate banana one… Err, Marikana?”

Surprised, I quickly replied “Chocolate cream please”.

No way, don’t I sound starved…

I’m more or less a lady and yet… Seriously reflect! Honestly.

The shopkeeper said “Got it. Just a minute!” and started cooking the batter on the round iron plate.

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