The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 127

This is Calcilast-sama’s taste… Wro, wrong! It’s crepe’s taste!

What a wrong idea. I felt steam rise from my face.

When I looked at the prince, everything was eaten. Eeh, everything!

When I tried protesting, the crepe I was holding was snatched away. Quickly.

I asked “Calcilast-sama, what are you doing?” to which he said “Thanks for the food” and munched on the crepe.

Ah, the crepe turned into nourishment…

He muttered “This is Marikana’s taste…”

I’m still hungry. I wonder if I should get seconds?

However, there’s a line to the crepe shop. It’s long…. It’d take time.

Calcilast-sama presented his hand to me. A little dissatisfied, I graciously took it.

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