The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 13

We’re enjoying spending the time with just the two of us. From time to time I catch sight of servants in maid clothes bowing. They certainly are considerate.

I wonder if my legs won’t grow weaker from being carried by Calcilast-sama. Like an astronaut… Ufufu. This laughter is a symbol of my happiness. I’m glued to my beloved.

I also am important to my Calcilast-sama…  He’s not all talk… I’m sure he truly loves me. I believe so. I embraced him tightly. Calcilast-sama, who noticed the change in my power, asked me. Quite anxiously… I’m loved… Probably, certainly.

“What’s wrong? Are you sleepy? Or is there some other problem?”

I replied with only “You are my beloved…”. Then, he gasped, and afterwards said.

“I love Marikana as well. I would be happy if you believed me…”

I’m doubtful. Such a handsome prince loving me…

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