The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 14

I’m immersed in the lingering happiness. If it’s now, I could face any hardships or challenges. Such things felt insignificant.

Confessing my words of love to Calcilast-sama gave me such power…

Love certainly brings forth the highest power… I feel like that. Ah, happiness… I could die now… That’s a lie. I would like to spend as long as possible with the man whose blond hair is swaying in front of me.

I want to hear his voice very much, so I addressed him. Into his ear.


He replied “What’s the matter? Is something wrong?”. After laughing “ufufu”, I said these words to him.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to hear your voice… I unconsciously called out to you…”

Calcilast-sama stumbled a little. I’m amazed that the perfect him would do that. Moreover, there aren’t any steps on the deep-pile carpet.

“If you wish to hear my voice, I will let you hear it as much as you want. My beloved Marikana… Marikana…” he got out these words.

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