The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 15

Calcilast-sama’s voice that called out to me sounded like a gospel. It felt like angels were playing trumpets to bless me… I fully enjoyed it.

If Calcilast-sama weren’t in my life, would it have been an empty life… God tied me with Calcilast-sama with a thread of fate. It’s a wire that cannot be cut with scissors…

I felt like the temperature of my adored Calcilast-sama increased. Is it because he’s been carrying me all this time? Or maybe it’s the expression of tension from being like this with me? Or, he’s aroused… Kya, how immodest of me.

Did I have a vulgar thought about Calcilast-sama? Even if a little.

Riding Calcilast-sama like a horse, I was stopped in front of a room. But right after he started walking again. I asked suspiciously.

“Whose room was that before? I’m a little anxious…”

Then he answered “It’s just my room. I considered bringing Marikana there, but I suppressed it with my reason…”

I want to know why he suppressed it, but I held back out of consideration that he might not want that to be known.

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