The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 17

Our secret date continues. I wonder if Calcilast-sama won’t let me down until death separates us.

Like this, the whole life… Such a thing would be delightful… Sorrowful… It’s a complicated feeling.

I can say with confidence that I’m happy we can touch each other with this piggyback ride, however how long will it continue… I suggested to Calcilast-sama.

“Since there’s no problem anymore, why don’t we walk together? We could link arms… How about it?”

Calcilast-sama stopped walking and spoke. It’s a nervous, earnest voice. As if he’s afraid of something…

“Please only for tonight. I want to touch Marikana… Pardon me if it’s unpleasant… Please… If possible…”

It’s weird he wants to touch me. I wonder what makes me so charming for him? If I had a mirror I’d stare at myself.

I do think I belong to the category of beautiful women, but I can’t say I’m a beauty to die for… But Calcilast-sama accepts me. I enquired him. With an awkward face.

“Am I beautiful? Can I really believe that…”

Calcilast-sama’s answer made me ecstatic. So much that I…

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