The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 18

I’m wrapped in happiness. Why am I so, I wonder? It’s like the capture target Calcilast-sama is my lover… It’s fine to say lover, right?

We can stay together peacefully like this… I wonder if it’s a gift from God. I would like to receive more gifts from the heavens. If I can stay with Calcilast-sama…

Calcilast-sama said “I’ve been lucky to spend a long time with Marikana today.” His blond hair smoothly shook in front of me. How beautiful it is. He seems like a French doll God went to great pains to create.

I declared in my mind we don’t go well together. Someone like me… Undoubtedly, we’ll break up.

We can’t stay together forever… He’ll be snatched away by the protagonist of the otome game… That’s the rule, isn’t it?

Calcilast-sama is the intelligent, cheerful, handsome prince who has everything… I feel ashamed for harboring such thoughts. I muttered. Secretly…

“We are a bad match… It’s hopeless…”

Calcilast-sama asked “Marikana, what’s wrong? Did you say something?” to which I replied “N, no!”

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