The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 20

I feel like Calcilast-sama’s speed has been slowly decreasing. I’m not sure how long he’s been carrying me. It can’t be helped.

I said while stroking Calcilast-sama’s superb hair. Gently, gently.

“You’re getting tired, right? Don’t push yourself… I’m worried, won’t you suffer from muscle pains tomorrow?”

Calcilast-sama glanced at me and asked “No, I will accompany you all the way there. You are staying the night, aren’t you?”

I forgot, but that’s right. I talked with father to let me retire for the night in the guest room. Being able to meet Calcilast-sama again tomorrow is as if Christmas and the New Year happened together.

Even with lower speed, Calcilast-sama displayed his manliness. He’s doing his best. How reliable. On the wall to the left was a painting of a handsome man in a stylish attire kneeling before a woman, kissing the back of her hand.

Cool. But not as much as Calcilast-sama. For me, Calcilast-sama looks like the world’s most handsome man. Actually, it’s possible he is.

The evening considerably advanced, but I don’t think the party has ended yet. Everyone had been drinking wine gracefully.

I asked Calcilast-sama partially out of curiosity. I was getting nervous.

“Has Calcilast-sama drunk alcohol? I haven’t…”

Then he happily said “I have drunk only a little. Next time I want to drink with Marikana…” I love you…

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