The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 21

Calcilast-sama who’s gradually began wobbling is moving his feet over the emerald deep-pile carpet with his guts. He’s advancing step by step. I encouraged him “Please keep at it! I am cheering for you!”

This is also a chance to show off his manliness. There’s no way he could yield. Sweat is dripping on his cheeks. I took a red handkerchief with a floral pattern the color of blood from my pocket and wiped it.

He said “Thank you, we have almost arrived…” but didn’t continue. I felt he had something more to say… Pitiful Calcilast-sama…

After passing through several doors we stopped. Calcilast-sama said “We have arrived. My beloved… Haa haa… My Marikana…” and dropped to his knees.

I slowly put my feet on the floor but having become a little numb I displayed uncertain gait. I’m pathetic if I say so myself.

With him having stood up, I flopped onto Calcilast-sama’s chest. He felt astonished, yet he happily embraces me closely. He’s warm and smells good. Calcilast-sama said “Marikana, I love you” and kissed my forehead. I felt there was a curious heat in it.

Then we separated. I wanted to stay with him longer…

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