The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 22

I’m watching the back of Calcilast-sama as he’s walking away. Gradually it’s becoming smaller. Even though it shouldn’t, it feels like we’ll be separated for the eternity. As expect, I’m sad… Should I chase after him… And then have him stay just a little longer… By my side…

Then, Calcilast-sama stopped walking, turned around and headed towards me. My heart began dancing from enthusiasm.

I’m glad like a monkey that found a mountain of bananas. Looking from the front, he has a well-ordered appearance, almond-shaped eyes, thin eyebrows, full lips, long nose, and is overall handsome.

When he looked here I felt my heart thump so hard as if an earthquake struck. Ah, my beloved Calcilast-sama…

He stopped in front of me, looking at me from above, but then leaned forward and said.

“I carelessly forgot about the good night and farewell kisses. I forgot due to fatigue. Sorry…”

He hugged me and said “Good night, my Marikana…”, hesitated to kiss my mouth, then his tender as a pudding lips touched my cheek. The pounding of my heart isn’t stopping.

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