The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 23

I turned the door knob and entered the guest room. It’s quite spacious. Six or seven people could play board games here.

I examined my surroundings. A neat snow-white bed, expensive tawny chair and desk, a flat-screen TV on a TV stand, various bookshelves, there’s even a dresser.

I changed into a pajama with pink frills that’s been prepared for me. No matter how you look, these clothes are brand new. It’s truly a place where royalty lives.

I turned on the TV with a remote control, but I couldn’t find anything important, so I only watched the news and turned it off.

I thought back on my day with Calcilast-sama. It was a wonderful day. Our relationship should have deepened… That’s what I want to believe. The destructive power of his smile would charm not just me, but any woman. It’s that terrific.

Although I sat down on bed, I was still too excited to go to sleep, so I went towards the bookcase. I pulled out a famous collection of short stories and decided to read it until I fall asleep.

I lied on the bed and started reading it. If my mother discovered that scene, I’d be yelled at for lacking manners. Little by little my eyelids are getting heavier.

It felt like weights were hanging from them. I managed to turn off the light and went to sleep…

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