The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 24

I was overlooking the garden from the open window of the room that’s roughly on the second floor. The well-maintained lawn gives off a favorable impression.

No, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. There’s a beautiful man and a beautiful woman there. Both of them would achieve first places if they participated in beauty contests.

One person is Calcilast whom I love… Why is he with a woman other than me… Why is he conversing so happily? Have I been discarded? Like burnable trash or oversized garbage…

That means I’m not loved… All these confessions of love I received were downright lies.

Ah, I’ve never seen him smile like this in front of me… After all he was only keeping me company as a fiancé for appearances… So that’s how it is.

His voice laughing “Ahaha” is despicable. What a lovely voice. The women accompanying him has blonde hair… She’s the otome game’s protagonist… Aquamink…

As expected, I’m no match for her. I’m the villainess who’s destined for defeat…

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