The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 25

I couldn’t watch them anymore… I saw them being close holding hands. What will they do next? I wonder if they’ll kiss… I don’t want to see such a scene… I’m too miserable…

Calcilast-sama’s in my memories of interacting with him turned to sepia, then darkened, I couldn’t understand…

Calcilast-sama was wearing a mask. To entrap me… To deceive… Recalling his smile now, I feel rather than showing his feelings from the bottom of his heart it was fake.

I fell to my knees on the blue carpet, tears were gushing out like a waterfall. They aren’t stopping easily. I still love Calcilast-sama. But Calcilast-sama is…

I started trembling. Out of great sorrow. Is such a thing okay? But Calcilast-sama is sincere… I wonder why would he do something like two-timing?

Then my body was shaken. What is it? I also heard a voice. It’s a voice that feels familiar to me. I was called out “Marikana-sama, Marikana-sama!”

Then I came to. I woke up in bed. I got up as fast as I could. It was my black-haired servant Cannes who woke me up. Ah, it was a dream… I’m glad.

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