The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 27

I chose my favorite from several dresses and changed clothes. In the washroom, I washed my face and brushed my teeth, with Cannes help I got my hair in order. Let’s only use light makeup. Then Cannes said “Certainly let’s do it!” enthusiastically and started.

Cannes, anxious that I had a nightmare asked “Will you eat breakfast in this room?” and I decided to do so.

I wonder what I’ll have for breakfast? While thinking about that, I once again pulled out a book from a bookshelf and started reading. Yup, this book gives off good vibes. It’s fantasy, huh. Looking carefully, it’s a light novel I recognize. I read it as well in my previous life… It filled me with a deep emotion.

Then I heard a knocking sound. I said “Please enter.” Cannes brought breakfast on a tray. Behind her is Calcilast-sama! I stood up and put the book on the bed.

Calcilast-sama is handsome from the morning. I asked about his reason for being here, when he told me he’d talk after the meal, I began eating breakfast.

Three kinds of breads (croissants and so on) and roast pork followed by corn soup, salad, boiled egg made their way into my stomach washed with coffee.

Ah, it was delicious. Calcilast-sama was impressed with my eating style. I enquired “Why is Calcilast-sama here?” I recalled the nightmare from a while ago. I’m a tiny bit scared.

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