The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 30

I left the guest room together with Calcilast-sama. Saying “Have a good day, Marika-sama, Calcilast-sama!” Cannes bowed her head seeing us off.

I and Calcilast-sama advanced through the yesterday’s piggybacking route. I wonder if it eventually didn’t take about an hour. My legs became numb, Calcilast-sama was tired.

While we were walking down the deep-pile carpet, Calcilast-sama started a conversation. As a bonus he made a handsome smile. Ah, cool…

“Did you sleep well last night? I believe it must be quite difficult to sleep somewhere that’s not your house…”

I was a little bashful (the date, his good looks) but I replied. I thought it’d be better not to say it, but…

“I saw a nightmare. My special person abandoned me… I received a terrible shock, it was painful…”

Calcilast-sama stopped and turned towards me, then spoke with a frown. In a reassuring voice.

“You poor thing… I wish there was something I could do… I know, should we join hands? It’s fine if you find it unpleasant…”

I exclaimed “Yes! With pleasure!” and grasped the beautiful hand Calcilast-sama presented. It’s a soft hand. We’re in the castle, but because I’m his fiancée it’s okay.

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