The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 31

I and Calcilast-sama joined hands and without delay went down the staircase. It’s a long staircase. It’s apparent it’s made of expensive materials. As expected of the influential people’s residence.

My residence is also luxurious and chic, but it’s no match for this castle. As Calcilast-sama’s fiancée, I wonder if I’ll live here someday.

Because it’s too spacious it seems I’ll struggle at first… I might get lost like in a maze… Leaving that aside, from now on… I will have to somehow avoid ruin when the student life begins like in otome game.

There’s nothing but punishments like banishment from the country or capital punishment, it’s the worst… As I sighed “Haa…” dejectedly, Calcilast-sama said “What’s wrong? Did I do anything inadequate? I will correct it immediately?” flustered.

I asked just to make sure. For future reference. I simply cannot see him as such a cruel man, he’s a good person. I want to believe he won’t do that…

“Will Calcilast-sama banish me from the country or sentence me to capital punishment?”

While the abrupt question made Calcilast-sama stare at me in wonder, he gently said.

“I will not! Never!”

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