The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 32

I was cheered up by Calcilast-sama’s words. I… don’t want to prepare for eternal sleep while I’m still young… I wanted to escape the reality by considering such things. After all, I’ll be killed. It hurts to still have some lingering attachment to this life.

I would like to eat delicious food, live peacefully with Calcilast-sama, and travel… Because I’m still a child, I haven’t been out much.

If I survive… If, huh, I shuddered… I will absolutely show I can survive and reach the happy ending. Dangerous thoughts came and went… How unpleasant.

The stairs ended, and we came down to the first floor. A pleasant smell is coming from the kitchen. I unconsciously directed my steps in that direction. Then, Calcilast-sama giggled beautifully and said “Do you want to go eat something? I can ask for it?“ due to my mistake… Unconsciously, unconsciously I wished for it.

Calcilast-sama entered the kitchen calling a cook, then asked “Is there something delicious that can be eaten immediately?” What a kind person. I love him!

During that time, we never let go of our hands. I’m worried I won’t be able to hold it anymore.

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