The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 33

The kitchen smelled of roast fish and meat, and cookies were being made. Cooks in white hats and aprons are vigorously preparing food.

Even though this place should be quite stuffy, it’s properly air-conditioned so sweat doesn’t flow like muddy streams. It’s a comfortable workplace. Everyone is livelily working. The salary sounds good too.

They were using old-fashioned black frying pans skillfully, an amateur would be unable to imitate that. I looked around interested in all sorts of thing. Then I got hungry. It seems the breakfast alone was not enough.

I asked Calcilast-sama. Somehow, I feel guilty… I wasted his time… Moreover, it’s the prince’s time…

“What could I eat? Ah, if you could somehow excuse me… if possible I’d like to eat… something sweet… I feel like it”

One of the cooks served cookies, shaped like hearts, stars, or circles, out of a huge combination microwave on a plate and politely handed it to Calcilast-sama.

Then Calcilast-sama held it out to me. Looking closely, I noticed there were chocolate and strawberry cookies. Then he asked.

“Please eat, do you want seconds?”

I said “Thank you!” and ate up light brown cookies with red or black mixed in them. Every single one of them is delicious!

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