The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 34

Both the personality and the cooking ability of the cook in the tall white hat seem superb. He said “Would you like to eat anything else? There is an exceptional pudding, or a cheesecake made with expensive ingredients”

Calcilast-sama asked me with his beautiful face. His smiling face burned into my memory. I’m thinking of recalling it whenever I feel lonely…

“Would you like to eat the pudding or cheesecake? Shall I bring them to the dining room? Would you like to slowly savor them?”

I answered “Yes!” with a woof like a starved dog. I sat on a long narrow table in the dining room, how many meters is it from one end to another?

The air conditioning is making a quiet sound. Buzz. The walls are decorated with paintings of mountains. Calcilast-sama is in front of me. Then, I attacked the desserts the skilled chefs put all their skill into.

I put a spoonful of a little jiggly pudding mountain on my plate… That spoonful disappeared. Even thought it was there a moment ago… Calcilast-sama scooped the pudding like an excavator and said “Say aah?”

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