The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 35

I hesitated a little, then said “I’ll eat!” and took a bite. It’s delicious! It melts like a heated butter on top of my tongue. It’s moderately sweet, but the taste is superb. Wonderful! Excelente!

Smiling the whole time, Calcilast-sama seems to be in a good mood. Once again he presented me the pudding. Getting used to being fed, I bit into it. Delicious!

Calcilast-sama spoke to me. Looking at me with a face of an affectionate dog. No, with a face of love!

“Marika, please eat more? The expression you make while eating is adorable. I need to make you eat more…”

I ate up one pudding. The aftertaste is also pleasant. However, at this rate with Calcilast-sama’s actions I will become chubby… I have such a hunch.

Next is the cheesecake. I swallowed my saliva. Fascinatingly, rather than a triangle, what arrived at the dining room was a perfect circle. I wonder if I can eat all of it.

Calcilast-sama cut off a piece with a new knife, pierced it with a fork and pointed it at my mouth. He said “Now, do not hold back. My Marikana?” Ah, I dread getting on the scale tonight… I’m shivering…

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