The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 36

I bit the cheesecake at the tip of the fork. If my mother found out… But because it’s Calcilast-sama doing it, she might not say anything… Reprimands would come flying at me afterwards. Like a machine gun.

This cheesecake is the most delicious thing I’ve eaten (including my previous life). It was so delicious I smiled. I whispered to Calcilast-sama. There are five servants waiting behind Calcilast-sama.

“Calcilast-sama, we are in the public eye… Could you give me the fork? I’m a little embarrassed…”

Calcilast-sama stared at me in puzzlement and after laughing loudly “Kukuku” continued. His behavior is giving me no choice. The prince is brave to be able to retain composure in such a place…

“Then, would you allow me to feed you one last piece? My beloved Marikana?”

I reluctantly accepted. I nodded, then after quickly cutting the cheesecake up, he held out the fork.

Eating while listening to Calcilast-sama whispering “Even so, you are like a jewel on a starry sky, no, you are more wonderful than that. Marikana…” endearingly made my cheeks red.

I am happy but embarrassed, it’s not a simple feeling…

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