The Villainess’s Sweet Everyday – Episode 37

Handling the fork and knife like waltzing I put a cut piece in my mouth. After repeating this movement two times, I picked up a cup of coffee that was placed there before I noticed and gulped it down. This coffee is also exquisite.

I wonder if only I find it more delicious than the breakfast? There seems to be a difference in taste… Certainly it’s my imagination… No, Calcilast-sama asked for it! That’s right! That’s it, I finally understand.

I think it’s also important to be hospitable to guests… I reported to Calcilast-sama. Then, he replied.

“I wonder if there is such a big difference… I have never eaten anything for guests… I will report that. My Angel?”

I wonder if I’m an angel in these almond eyes, but I will accept his love. I managed to eat the whole cheesecake. There might be no problem skipping lunch… Well, I will eat it.

I spoke “I understand Calcilast-sama loves me. Thank you!”

Calcilast-sama replied “Naturally, I love you”

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